KNIGHT LIAR: Norwin high school dorms are on their way

Aylee Hornstrom, Social media manager

Over the past weekend Norwin School District approved a new project in Norwin High School. This upcoming summer the high school will be adding dorms in their unused basement. 

The inspiration for this project was that kids were arriving late to school causing them to have many tardies. Norwin Administration thinks that they can help with this problem by adding dorms so that students can arrive already on time.

These dorms will be available to all grades. The only rules are that you have to room with someone of the same grade and gender. Roommate applications will be sent out over the summer. The dorms will be ready to move in the first week of September. 

The cost of building these dorms will be around 1 million dollars. There will be around 500 dorms. There will also be different types of dorms. The options of dorms will include a regular two person dorm and an option of a suite. If you do choose the two person dorm you will have to share a communal bathroom. Unlike the suites, you will have a four-person dorm, there will be two double rooms and two single rooms which includes a mini kitchen and bathroom. 

“I am so excited for these dorms. I think it is a great opportunity to get a college rooming experience before we actually attend college,” said Cayden Ganbone, Norwin freshman. 

The experience that these dorms can offer to students will be very beneficial. They will allow students to gain independence and responsibilities. 

The students will be able to return back to their own homes at the end of the week on Friday and will return Sunday evening around 7 pm. In order to make sure students are behaving there will be quiet times throughout the week. The times will consist of 3-5 pm for after school homework, 9 pm-6am to make sure the students are getting the sleep they need and on the weekends the quiet times will be 3 am-10 am. There will also be a volunteer teacher each week that will be the RA. The responsibility of the teacher RA will be to make sure the quiet times are enforced and students are behaving. There will be one RA in each hallway. The RA’s will also have their own dorm that is separate from the students’ dorms. 

The main RA for the student dorms will be middle school math teacher and track/ cross country coach, Mr. Neal Nanassy.

“I can’t wait to take on this opportunity,” Nanassy stated. “My college life I was an RA so I feel I can fulfill this role for the rest of my life. My life is now complete. I might as well just stay at Norwin forever and continue this RA job.”

The prices of the dorm will range from $50,000-$70,000. A double room will be at a set price of $50k. A four person dorm will be around $65k. The money will be due around mid July as well as the forms. Students will be eligible for financial aid if they cannot come up with this money. Make sure you submit any request about paying when you submit your application. 

The Norwin dorms will be a great opportunity for students to meet new friends and learn new responsibilities.

“I am so excited to room with my friends, I think this is the best idea Norwin has had in years!” said a Norwin High School student.  

Norwin would also like to state their sincere apologies for any graduating seniors that could not be a part of this forming experience. In that case, Welcome the Norwin high school dorms of 2023!