KNIGHT LIAR: Norwin Football makes big changes


Joe Fitzgerald, Sports Writer

Norwin Football fans have something to be happy about. Over the offseason, the Knights decided to change the culture of Norwin football, which led to them making some key hirings to really change the game. The first course of action was to bring in the highly sought after Punxsutawney native Brian Fleckenstein as head coach. 

“You know if my coach would have put me in when I was in high school, we would’ve won states, so I’m just here to finish what I started for real,” said Fleckenstein. “Sure, I understand that having some ‘real football experience’ would be nice for the new hire, but I was a local legend back in the 1980s parking lot recess football. My high school team was way too political. Coach Juart only played the better kids and the ‘kids actually on the team’ or whatever.”

Fleckenstein really felt his experience with Techmo Super Bowl and managing his Fantasy Football teams were enough experience.

“Honestly, I’m pretty confident I could beat anyone in this school at Techmo,” said Fleckenstein. “Don’t even get me started. You don’t know me. But when I line up with the reverse to Andre ‘Bad Moon’ Rison, it’s pretty much unstoppable, unless of course you pick my play.”

Fleckenstein would like to add that he feels his athletic prowess should have been enough as well.

“Seriously, I could throw the ball over those mountains. Give me a classic Steelers Hutch football on the SSCD parking lot and you won’t see it until it lands on the other side of the atmosphere.”


Norwin didn’t stop there either, they also hired the polarizing offensive coordinator Joe Fitzgerald, who played for the Knights last season. This year as he switches roles from helmet to headset, he plans on making a big impact. 

“I’m ready, I played a lot of Madden so as long as we have a receiver who has a good speed rating, we can just run four verticals and we’ll be chillin,” said Fitzgerald.

Both coaches’ credentials speak for themselves. Coach Fleckenstein is no stranger to building a championship culture considering he led his fantasy team to two Fantasy Super Bowls in 2015 and 2021. 

“But really I think my ability to draft, manage and coach my Fantasy teams was more than enough to qualify me to make a few easy high school football offensive play calls,” said Fleckenstein. “Who else could make the decision to sit or start Najee Harris or Nick Chubb? Seriously, I make all those calls in all the pressure situations, even the playoff which I made almost 5 times in 11 years.”

“I just hope they have a waiver wire for these kids, that will be key to finding the right personnel for us,” said Fleckenstein. 

Fitzgerald on the other hand has built quite the resume on his own. Not only is he a 3-time Madden Franchise league champion, but he’s a 2-time Turkey Bowl MVP in 2022 and 2021, after throwing for over 14 touchdowns in back-to-back wins vs. team Hussey.

I have winning in my DNA, and it’s not gonna change now, especially with having coach Fleckenstein it’s almost like having Vince Lombardi and Bill Belichick on the same staff.”

— Newly hired Offensive Coordinator, Joseph Fitzgerald

said Fitzgerald. 

Not only are the coaches excited about the opportunity but the players are also looking forward to the future.

“With coach Fleck and coach Fitz it’s easy to get excited, I mean they know what it’s like to be superstars, so it’s easy for them to understand me,” said Norwin’s three star athlete Jackson Pons.

You can catch both coaches in action this fall and it will be something you certainly won’t want to miss.