Last Call For The Season

last chance for Canadian Goose hunting till next season.

Last Call For The Season

Lizzy Nicholson, Writer

    *Honk Honk* Aim south high… NOW! Bang! You got’em nice shot; that is one hefty Goose. 

     That’s right folks, it’s time for winter Canadian Goose hunting, and this is also the last time for it before its season is over till next year’s season. People go goose hunting because well for one, they are just fun to hunt, it’s unlike any other hunting, and it provides food. 

      “It’s fun to go track through the water or through a field to go find the game that you just shot. When people shoot these animals that are at an average of a couple hundred feet to 5000 ft in the air, and they are moving, so you can see why it is exciting to shoot this game and go find them,” said  Caden Evans. Goose hunting is an experience unlike any other; you have to aim at a moving target which takes A LOT of practice to get right. 

      Another reason people also go goose hunting is because it provides food for their family which is always a plus for anyone. 

     “This animal has lots of health benefits to it and is insanely good for the human body,” said Evans 

     Yes, people do eat goose meat and it is very similar to a good cut of beef actually. The meat is very lean and rich in flavor.  It is also an excellent source of vitamin B-6.. B vitamins are important for growth and healthy skin, hair, nerves and muscles. Goose meat is an excellent source of iron also, even better than pork or chicken. It has its own flavor unlike any other really and it has a little bit of a “gamey” taste to it. 

     When one goes goose hunting, he or she should be wearing camo that would blend into light-colored grasses and reeds and you want to make sure that your blind or foliage coverage is to perfection.

     “You want to make sure that when they are flying overhead that they can’t see you and don’t suspect anything suspicious. You might want to also wear waders; waterproof rubber-like pants that have overalls on them so when you go into water you don’t get wet,” said Evans.  “And when you go you can’t forget the most important thing… your gun!” 

     When you go Goose hunting you’ll want to take a shotgun, and the most common kind used would be a semi- auto. These guns provide an accurate, long range shot that will humanely kill the animal in one painless shot. 

    Canadian Goose hunting ends on February 20th of this season and doesn’t start back up until September of the following season.  Don’t be shy and don’t be late and go get yourself some Geese!