eSports comes to Norwin


Ashley Cramer

Juniors William Ballas and Jake Ferry login to the new gaming computers in Mr. Rakvic’s Computer Programming class.

Ashley Cramer, Writer

When most people think of sports what comes to mind is usually sports such as football, soccer, or basketball. Now in the digital age a new type of sport is coming into popularity: eSports. 

     eSports is a form of sports competition using video games. There are major competitions and leagues just like a normal sport. While eSports do not require participants to run around with a ball it does require the same amount of mental strategy as a physical sport. 

      Now Norwin gets to experience the world of eSports . Mr. Rakvic, one of the computer teachers at Norwin High School, has been putting his efforts into creating a team at the high school. 

     “eSports in schools are becoming very popular,” said Mr. Rakvic. “Gaming is very popular with our students and I am hoping to use that to further extend their learning.” 

     As of right now, the club is ONLY open to current and former high school Computer Programming students. New computers were installed in the Computer Programming Lab, which will allow students to play eSports in a competitive setting because of the new computer’s hardware capabilities. 

     “Students can learn valuable skills playing eSports in school,” said Mr. Rakvic. “Team sports teach valuable skills; working with others, social skills, strategic thinking and planning, managing success and failure, team management and much more. I hope to encourage more students to pursue STEM learning and career.”

     Having this new diverse club has been a welcome addition to the Computer Programming world at Norwin. Many students who have signed up are looking forward to being able to really compete alongside their friends.

      “I look forward to being able to compete in tournaments with my friends and other Norwin students,” said senior Sam Taleff. “Playing eSports allows students to have fun while also building skills such as teamwork and strategic thinking and planning.”

      The club is currently a member of one eSports league, The North America Scholastic eSports Federation. There will be a variety of games available for students to participate in, one of the biggest ones being Rocket League. 

       “Out of the game options we have, I probably want to compete in the Overwatch and Super Smash Bros tournaments the most,” said senior Alex Puskaric. “I’m so excited for the potential of this club. This first iteration of this team is basically going to set the tempo for years to come and I’m excited to see what it will be like after I graduate.” 

       While this club is an opportunity for students to spend time socializing with their friends through video games, it also is providing a new path for students to take in developing their character and knowledge. 

     “The purpose of the eSports club is to provide high school students with the opportunity to pursue their interests in eSports and STEM related academic curricula and work-related interests,” said Mr. Rakvic. “They also are able to develop a greater sense of community and enhance their skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, teamwork, analysis and problem-solving.”