Norwin rolls out new virtual relaxation room


Mr. Rocco Telli, HS Assistant Principal

The following image is the first photo seen when entering the virtual relaxation room.

Ashley Cramer, Editor

     Over the past year the pandemic has caused people’s lives to take some unexpected twists and turns. These constant surprises have shown to take a toll on many people’s mental health worldwide. 

     Since the 2020-21 school year began, a big concern that many students have had is how adding school on top of the stress from the pandemic will affect student’s mental well being. Throughout the year, students have been speaking out on this and voicing their opinions. 

     “I think a lot of people have felt the strain of school even more this year because of all the uncertainty that surrounds it,” said junior Jessica Kessler. “I think it’s a good thing that they are giving us more resources as the year progresses.” 

      In addition to the parent and student mental health resources on the guidance section of the high school website the guidance office has added a new Virtual Relaxation Room. The new Virtual Relaxation Room is a section on the guidance office’s website that consists of videos for students to watch about managing emotions and building resilience on an everyday basis. 


 “We hope that it provides a place for students to relax,” said Mr. Conwell, one of the high school guidance counselors. “It provides different options for students that may need stress relief.”

— Mr. Daniel Conwell

      The Virtual Relaxation Room consists of videos that are aimed to help students with being mindful and with self soothing through meditation and relaxation techniques. Many of the videos show different models of relaxation which the guidance office hopes will connect with students.

     “The goal for the Virtual Relaxation Room is to help address students’ mental health needs while operating on different educational models,” said Conwell. “It allows us to provide a service to our full-time students, our Hybrid students, and our NOA students.”

     The guidance office is hoping that having resources that are accessible to all Norwin students, no matter their model of learning, will prove to be a beneficial addition to their website. 

     “I think this new resource is a good thing for helping students with everyday anxiety,” said senior and NOA student Katie Baker. “I have been NOA this whole year and seeing new resources that are more applicable to all Norwin students is nice to see.” 

      As the end of the third term nears and grades come to a close, these resources may show to be a nice break and help students manage their increased stress.