Students honor National Foreign Language Week


Maleah Phetsomphou

Students decorated doors in the language hall for National Foreign Language Week.

Maleah Phetsomphou, Writer

 Throughout the week of March 8-12, students in the Global Scholars Program honored National Foreign Language Week. This year the theme was “Open Your Mind to Language”.

     In order to spread awareness of the variety of languages spoken throughout the world, students decorated doors in the language hallway. Languages such as Norweigan, Lao, Thai, Mandarin Chinese, French, and Korean each had a door dedicated to showcasing their culture and individuality.

     “It is important for students to honor National Foreign Language Week to recognize second language learning throughout  the world,” said Mrs. Llerena, who is a Global Scholars Program coordinator and Spanish teacher. “It is also very beneficial for students to learn languages at a young age because it helps you in the future.”

     In addition to the doors, a select group of students spoke on the morning announcements. Each day, one student shared a few facts about the benefits of learning a foreign language.

     To finish the week off, a handful of students created a short video in which they talked about their own cultural backgrounds and what it means to them. Cultures such as Indian, Italian, and French were featured. The video was shared to all students who take a language course at the high school.

Global Scholars Program

     All students who honored National Foreign Language Week were part of the Global Scholars Program. They earned service hours towards reaching the minimum of 20 needed in order to graduate from the program.

The YouTube video linked was created by Norwin foreign language students in honor of National Foreign Language week.  Click on video to watch.