Jordan Spagnolli, Club President - News Editor

     The 2020-2021 school year has come to an end. School’s out, summer is upon us, no more classes or homework. It definitely wasn’t a traditional year, but Norwin sure did everything they could to make the best out of it. Norwin did so much to celebrate the class of 2021. This included different events such as the elementary school walk, the mock accident, the spring musical, prom, and so much more. 

     On May 7, the Norwin Theatre Company honored all their senior cast and crew members with a nice ceremony before the show started. The students walked across the field to meet their parents for pictures while a few cast members read a little bit about each senior. 

“I thought it was really nice,” said Quinn Kubistek. “So many other clubs get a senior night, I feel like the NTC seniors deserve one as well for all the work they put in. It was also a nice touch after a kind of messed up year.”

     May 13th was a big day for the graduating class of 2021. That morning all the seniors participated in the mock accident.

     “The mock accident did have an effect on me and I think it had an effect on many others,” said Allison Krygowski.  “It showed us the reality of what can happen when bad decisions are made.”

     “I thought the mock accident was pretty cool to experience,” said Megan Swick. “It was hard for me to see some of what was happening because of where I was and where the cars were. It was also hard to tell if the speeds at which they did things were accurate, because it felt like it took a long time to just get someone out of the car. For what it is though, it was cool that we were able to see something like that!”

      Following the mock accident the seniors went to get their cap and gown. 

     “When I got the cap and gown, I realized that a chapter of my life is closing and a new one is beginning,” said Ryan Grabowski. “This year, though, we had to work harder compared to other years, graduating is different this year. All our hard work virtually and now we are finally able to have a more normal May, things are feeling more real again.” 

     Later that day the seniors were dismissed at 1:45 to go back to their old elementary school for a fun visit.

     “It felt unreal,” said Carly Kubacka. “To see the people I used to know and places I used to think were so big. It made me remember the good old days.” 

     May 20 was an exciting day for Norwin’s choir singers as they were able to have a spring showcase. The Chamber Singers, Bel Canto, Show Choir, and Concert Choir singers were able to perform a few of the songs they have learned this year. Each student was able to invite two people to see the concert in person, and then a link was also sent out for people who couldn’t be there in-person. 

     “I am very excited to have a concert, ” said Carlin Jacob. “It’s such an amazing opportunity to perform live with my friends for all our families one last time, and show them all the hard work we have done over the whole school year.”

     May 25th was the seniors last day of high school! The next 3 days were used to prepare for Vespers and Commencement. Wednesday morning the seniors who participated in Vespers met in the morning to practice for the event that was held later that night. 

     “I am very excited for vespers,” said Stephanie Cairns. “I attended the event when my brother was a senior and I loved it. It’s great that Norwin has something spiritual for the graduates to wish them luck. I am speaking at vespers too and I feel very honored to be a part of the event.”

     Thursday morning the seniors met to practice for commencement which will take place the night May 28th. Following commencement practice, Norwin provided a food truck lunch for the seniors. Then of course you can’t forget Thursday night was Prom! 

     “I am very excited about my senior prom,” said Karlie Pavlic. “Since I missed out on last year’s prom and all of the dances this year, I am grateful to be able to have a prom this year. I know there are things that won’t be the same but I’m just happy I can do one thing normal as a senior.” 

     Then Friday the seniors will walk across the field to accept their diplomas and officially graduate from Norwin High School. 

     “It’s crazy to think our time at Norwin has come to an end,” said Jordan Spagnolli. “ As terrified as I am to walk across the stage, I am also so excited and proud that we all made it here. When I was younger it felt like this day would never come, but now that it’s here it’s like where has the time gone. Congratulations to the class of 2021, we did it!”