Vaccine or no vaccine?

Maria Janiga, Writer

     The constant arguing between should people start to get the vaccine, or is it still too dangerous to risk it? It has truly divided the country in half. On one hand, it’s important to get the vaccine to stay safe. On the other, getting the vaccine may seem like the worst idea. The answer has people torn, but why? You would think that people jump on the opportunity to protect themselves and their community. But still, 44% of the U.S. population is still unvaccinated according to Becker’s Hospital Review.

     Not being vaccinated is truly selfish to the rest of the world because some people that would like to get vaccinated can’t yet. Unvaccinated sick people are keeping ill patients out of hospitals who need heart transplants, people with cancer, etc.  ; When it easily could’ve been prevented by simply getting a shot and  especially when the FDA has come out and said that the vaccines have been approved and are safe to get. Why do people still claim that they’re so unsafe? It’s as if a doctor told you have a disease and you say that they’re lying when they have facts and evidence to prove it.

     If public schools start to mandate getting the vaccine like California, how many students are actually going to get it? Most parents are fine with their children getting their measles and mumps shots, but somehow this vaccine is going to corrupt their child’s body because scientists “came out with the vaccine too quickly.” But if the vaccine were to come out 3 years later would unvaccinated people get it or would they still claim that it took too long and the government must have tampered with the vaccine? Meanwhile, the new variant of COVID-19 affects children a lot more, and who knows what having COVID could do a person’s health in the future.

     Some say that they won’t get the vaccine because it has microchips that the government put in it. But in reality it would be impossible for anything other than a liquid to go into your arm. With how small the needle is it would not be able to push something else out. For example, if you held a magnet up to a vaccinated person’s arm it would not stick, because the vaccine doesn’t contain any sort of metal tracking device.

     I decided to get the vaccine because of all the facts and evidence being in favor of the vaccine. When on the opposing side, it is just rumors made up by people without a medical degree behind their name. I would like to do my part as a true American to try and protect our communities and keep everyone healthy.

     I believe that a majority of the country getting the vaccine could be really beneficial to the U.S. If people got vaccinated and had proof of it then maybe even in schools and on public transportation we won’t have to wear out masks anymore. We as Americans could get back to our regular lives that hopefully won’t involve wearing masks and social distancing.