Norwin student Rebecca Testa wins National Merit Scholarship

Every year, millions of students take the PSAT, but only a few thousand win a National Merit Scholarship. Luckily, one of them was our own Rebecca Testa.


Oliver Hinson

Q: What do you credit your success on the PSAT exam to? Why do you think you did so well?

A: I think that spending a lot of time studying and practicing for the PSAT was the most important factor in improving my score. I also feel that challenging myself academically in high school has allowed me to develop skills that transferred well to the PSAT last year.

Q: How about school? Why do you think you perform so well academically?

A: Support from teachers who challenge me and require me to consistently put forth my best effort, as well as support from my friends and family, has encouraged me to approach school with a persevering attitude. I think the amount of work that I put into learning because of this encouragement is what has allowed me to grow academically in high school.

Q: What are some academic tips that you would give to younger students?

A: The most important tip that I can give is not to hesitate to ask your teachers or peers questions. Whether in home room, in class, or after school, I have found that directly asking teachers for help with the topics that confuse me has been the best way for me to overcome difficult academic challenges.

Q: What are your plans upon graduation? Where do you plan on attending college?

A: After graduation, I intend to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. I have not yet decided where I would like to attend college.

Q: What are some things you like to do in your free time?

A: I am a member of Norwin’s cross country team, so I like to run in my free time. I also enjoy playing the viola.