What it takes to play at the next level

Q&A with Fairmont State TE Tanner Krevokuch.

Joe Fitzgerald, Writer

How difficult is it for you to manage being a student and athlete at this level? 

“At times managing your school work along with being an athlete at the next level can be very challenging, Definitely more challenging than high school. With harder classes and more practice time during the week, you can often find it very hard to keep up. But if you stay ahead of things and stay on top of your school work you can see that things become a lot easier for you.”

-Is the competition and skill level at this level harder or easier than you expected?

“Coming from a 6A school you definitely play a lot of good athletes. But at college you don’t play against people around your age when you are a freshman or sophomore. So going up against these 23 or 24 year old men who have already been through the system for 5 or 6 years the skill level and competition is definitely more challenging than what it is in high school.”

-What has been the biggest adjustment with getting used to Football at the next level?

“I think the biggest adjustment to getting used to football at the next level is the maturity level both physically and mentally. Going to play at the next level coaches don’t care who you are or how good you were in high school. What you did in the past does not matter to them they need you to continue to do what you do for them. For the physical part going into the next level, sometimes you will be going up against 23 or 24 year old men while you are only 18.”

What are your favorite differences about playing in College as opposed to high school?

“My favorite difference playing in college rather than in high school is that everyone is there for the same goal. In college we get paid by scholarship to play football so people take it a lot more seriously than high school where some people might not take it as seriously because they aren’t forced to be there.”

-What are your least favorite differences about playing in College as opposed to high school?

“My least favorite difference about playing in college rather than high school is probably the social factor that comes with high school football. You get to play with and   in front of thousands of people that you have known your whole life were as if in college everyone seems to be a stranger so oftentimes you don’t have that same bond with your college teammates as you do with your high school teammates.”