Colorful cafe

Student Council coordinates decoration of ceiling tiles in the cafeteria.


Jordan Napierkowski’s take on a “Starry Night”, inspired by Vincent Van Gogh.

Adi Federovich, Intro to Journalism Contributor

     The ceiling tiles in the cafeteria are no longer just plain white. The main hall in the cafeteria is filled with an array of painted ceiling tiles on display. The tiles are decorated with paint, newspaper, glitter, etc. They were painted with an original design created by individual clubs, extracurricular activities, and sports at Norwin High School.

     Over Thanksgiving break, Norwin Student Council hung the painted ceiling tiles in the cafeteria, decorated by the different clubs and groups at the high school.

     “Student Council chose to have the different clubs create ceiling tiles because we thought it would be a great way to improve the general aesthetic of the school, which is one of our club’s goals for this year,” said junior, president of Student Council, Grace Ketler. “There was honestly nothing that I disliked about this project. It was fun to plan and so many people were involved and wanted to help. Dr. Choby was very helpful through the process and he ordered the tiles. I love seeing the finished tiles in the cafeteria because it represents so many Norwin students being involved in the school.”

     Each club’s officers or members decorated the tiles, allowing for representation and collaboration of each club that participated.

     “It was a great experience, I shared many smiles with my friends while making it [the tiles],” said senior, vice president of the Peer Buddy and Mentor Club, Vikki Heffelfinger. “They [the tiles] were done in a neat manner. The clubs took a lot of time to do them, with hard work.”

     The project also contributed as a fundraiser for the Norwin Student Council. Each tile cost $5 and will continue to be displayed throughout the 2021-2022 school year. 

     “I combined an art aspect of Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ with the Knights logo to form ‘Starry Knight,’ fitting for the Norwin Art Club,” said senior President of the Art Club, Jordan Napierkowski. “Adessa Carns chose a festive Nightmare Before Christmas theme, and Lily Williams went with a cute conversation heart theme. As a whole, I think our designs show the abundance of ideas and creativity among the art club members.”

     “We thought it would be a great way to bring clubs together to unify the school,” said Ketler.