Thinking of the Future Careers


According to High School Job Statistics (2022), the article points out that many teenagers do not have a job during the academic year. There is a big percentage that do not decide to do a working activity. But 27.5% of teenagers choose to do a job and choose to get real life experience.

Many Norwin students juggle the stress of school and a part time job. Having a job while in high school, benefits teenagers by putting money in their pockets, preparing them for the workforce, and teaching them the responsibilities of maintaining a job and school.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to students is to working inside the classrooms as it will help your grow as a young adult, and if you don’t practice it or work at it you wont be good at it.

— Mr. Doug Colcombe - Norwin Guiance Counselor

According to, In 2018, 50 percent of all youth, ages 16–24, were employed, either full- or part-time. Youth enrolled in high school had an employment rate of 20 percent, while the rate was 45 percent for those in college, either full- or part-time. Those not enrolled in school had an employment rate of 72 percent.

Moving onto that we will go to the benefits of having a job as a teenager and how it can impact their future in the working field.

A job can be a great thing as a teenager, it can be anywhere from doing physical activity or helping others out, it can be many different things. But in reality it is giving you hands on work which gives you a general idea of what you do in an actual job and how it can impact you on how you do in the future if you do better than the others or getting money in your pockets and using it wisely on what you spend it on.

However, with having a job comes great responsibility and with that responsibility comes either more stress or less stress.

There are a lot of hours and time that comes to having a job but with that time comes the benefit of other things you have to do in life. If you work a lot you might have to do homework in school, this can benefit if you even have time in school to do homework. There are a lot of things to worry about when having school and a job. Having a job can take up to 3-6 hours a day and by the time you’re done with your job it’s around like 9:00 PM which only maybe gives you around 30 minutes to around 2 hour.

A recent Norwin newspaper poll asked:  “Is it difficult to keep your activities, work, and school balanced?” In response to the question one junior student said, “When school first started again it was hard. But as I  progressed through the months I finally got the hang of balancing, while also making time for myself and friends.”

Even though having a job can take up a lot of your time there is always more time to spare to hang out with your family, or spend time with your friends.

Some teenage students need to improve some things inside the work world and how they can make their work environment better each day you do working practice.

One of the things high school guidance counselor Mr. Doug Colcombe said was “to come prepared for work and show up on time, as that will show that you are prepared and ready to take on such a task of that liking.” Additionally, he added to follow along to the work world he stated that it is important “to be able to get along with people and be able to solve problems together and work as a team.”

There have been a lot of changes over the times of teenage employment ,like how kids can start working at the age of 14 or how high risk jobs that can come across, but it’s just crazy to think how these teenage kids can become better in the future with all the experience they gather as a teenager. There have been big opportunities with teenage employment.

“One of the things that is great is that there has been a big increase of open positions coming out of this pandemic and that employers are recognizing that some of these teenagers are beginning to look for a job and wanting to get hired at a certain place,” added Colcombe. “And these students once they get in the workforce that can find their career path inside that industry. ”

As a conclusion these teenage kids can have so much practice of the working life if they decide to try it out, you only need to be 14 to attempt to get a job from anywhere they allows teenagers. Although you might want to get a job it can either be stressful or non stressful and may take a lot of your time of the day for you.