Inside the Classroom: 3D Art

Fantasy Creature Sculpture

       Whether it’s just another elective, or if you’re really focused on art, 3D Art is one of the three different types of art classes Norwin offers. 3D Art gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with creating and sculpting projects out of different materials.

       “These projects benefit the students by allowing them to explore their creativity, problem solve, all while learning to work with new mediums and concepts,” said 3D Art teacher, Mrs. Anders.

Senior Laiken Burmiester’s cardboard project.

        Even though 3D Art is only a semester class, Mrs. Anders is able to fit in three different projects for the students to complete throughout the semester.

      “Even though I just got put in this class as an alternative, I still am very much enjoying this class,” said freshman Macy Gracin. “I didn’t think I would enjoy this class but it has turned out to be nice to be able to get creative throughout the school day.”

        The first project is called a Non-Objective sculpture. Students start by taking two pieces of wire and bending them into random shapes then stapling the ends onto a wooden block. Once the wire is stapled down one leg of pantyhose is pulled over it and covered in glue and painted black. Once dried, students mimic Australian Dot Art by choosing a simple picture and transferring it onto the sculpture but in dots. 

Non-Objective Sculpture project

      “I liked bending the wire to create the shape of the projects and watching it come together,” said junior Michael Pietrzyk. “I’m not a very artistic person but this class has made me realize that I can be more creative than I thought.”

     The second project is a Cardboard Pop Art sculpture. Students had the freedom to choose what to create out of cardboard. Some students did things like recreating their glasses, Lego people, makeup palettes, and a tape dispenser. Students make a template of their project out of paper first then could start making it out of cardboard. Using scissors, hole punches, and exacto knives students are able to shape their sculpture out of different thicknesses of cardboard. 

     “I came up with my idea from looking around my house and picking an everyday object” sophomore Ashley Petranka

Fantasy Creature Sculpture

     Towards the end of the semester students are given one last project called a Fantasy Creature. Students start off by making a wire skeleton. They use a thin wire and twist parts of it to make a shape that resembles the shape of their animal. After creating the skeleton, students take foil and build up the shape of their creature so not as much clay has to be used. Once the heard and body are built up with foil, clay is rolled out and draped over the form. It’s then molded to cover the entire foil and metal frame. Students then add more clay to build up features and add detail. After all the details are added they are then baked. After they are baked the creatures are painted with acrylic paint.

      “I enjoyed coming up with the idea to make a cactus bear and painting it really gave me the chance to take two things I enjoy and put them together,” said senior Carley DiPaolo. “While it might not be my favorite piece of art I’ve made it was fun to go out of my comfort zone.”

       While this class is an introductory art course, students from all grade levels are able to take it. It also introduces students to different types of materials and different ways of being creative. 

Fantasy Creature Sculpture

      “I hope that they gain a new perspective and appreciation of art,” said Anders. “Maybe even learn something new or discover a hidden talent that they didn’t know they had, and finally that they have an experience that was enjoyable and relaxing.”

      Even seniors who take this class just to have a relaxing period during the day are able to say just how much they have been able to take away from this class. 

      “This class has been a welcome break in my day,” said senior Madison Bowman. “I get to express myself and show off things I like through my art. I can’t really express myself in my other classes so being able to in 3D art is very therapeutic.”

Senior Ashley Cramer’s cardboard sculpture.

      While this class is just an art class students are able to learn creative skills that they can take and use in their future. The creativity that students will take away from this class will benefit them way into the future no matter if they are going to pursue a business degree or a career in art.

     “The most fulfilling part of my job is watching students be successful and proud of their work,” said Anders. “It is an amazing experience when a student is all of a sudden successful with something they originally thought was beyond their abilities.”