The Girls Struggle

This picture is an example of a teen girl struggling with Mental health alone.

Mental health in teen girls is a big problem in society right now. According to Mental Health Facts & Statistics more than half of teen girls in society struggle with mental health everyday. The most struggling effect in teen girls are often eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Often times girls struggle with mental health a lot because social media can cause bad mental health, and in high school girls are always being compared to each other and many often feel that nothing is ever good enough. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of sexism and sexist jokes men make. Some  women cannot speak out without being called dramatic or stupid because we have an opinion.

Because girls often get body shamed, they do not like who they are, or they get heart broken, they compare themselves or think they aren’t enough when they are enough.

According to a recent Norwin newspaper poll,”Having a mental illness is going to cause problems with mental health but thing like social media and low self esteem can also play a roll.”

Many times girls struggle with mental health the most in high school due to social media and self confidence around everyone.

Recent data from Adolescent Wellness Academy:  the data shows an excess of 11% of adolescents and teens report experiencing at least one major depressive episode within the last year. Also, the rate of young people with depression has increased year over year since 2012. Today, depression and bipolar disorder affect approximately 14% of teens between ages thirteen and seventeen.

According to a recent Norwin newspaper poll, 85% of teenage girls struggle with anxiety and almost 70% of girls struggle with eating disorders.  Anxiety and depression are linked in teen’s mental health as well.

Besides the general reasons, girls are always told to be good and nice when they are young, because society taught girls to let the boys be mean and outward and the girls be nice and soft spoken. Because of this, girls created a mental game that does all of the nasty things anyone could do, except they are manipulating and gaslighting people through this game. And figuring out the game is one mental journey, but playing it? Even harder.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has made teenage girls unfortunately suffer more.

The chart shows how much teen girls struggle with mental health in the past month.

According to an article entitled “Pandemic Significantly Affected Mental Health of Teen Girls, Study Shows,” people between 16 and 18 years old were more negatively affected than younger teens during the pandemic, which may have been at least partly a result of disruptions in education. While teens age 13 to 15 continued to attend school in person, the older students typically switched to remote learning in Iceland. The authors note that older teens tend to have a higher need for autonomy and peer interactions—both of which were limited under lockdowns and physical distancing mandates.

“Go do something. Hang out with friends/family, get out of ur house to go somewhere else and freshen your mind”,quote said by one freshmen girl on the poll about mental health, according to a Norwin High school Junior.

Since many teen girls mostly struggle with mental health, there are always easy ways to help and get through through the hard times.
According to an article link “Mental Health and Teenagers,” they suggest teen girls should “talk to trusted family members, friends, other parents or teachers if you have any concerns. If you feel you need more help, speak to your GP or another health professional.”

Instead of teens just relying on their own help, girls can talk to many other people, including Guidance counselors,social workers, or even a local mental health service,and many more. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to anyone when in need.