The To-Knight Show runs for a year strong


Seth Toops

The To-Knight Show logo

Max Christopher, Editor

Almost a year since the original episode’s upload, the Knight Krier’s podcast, The To-Knight Show, is 23 episodes into what will hopefully be a long run. Originally conceived by former Knight Krier writer and Norwin student Sam Coll, the show is presently run by senior Max Christopher and junior Maleah Phetsomphou. The logo was drawn by former Norwin student Seth Toops.

The show, which consists of an interview format with a new guest each week, is run by Christopher and Phetsomphou completely virtually. The pair utilize Discord and Zoom calls to record the audio, usually compiling it on Audacity and then exporting to Premiere Pro. Once in Premiere, Christopher trims off the ends and throws on a royalty free song as an intro and outro. Once the “editing” process is done, the audio is exported to Anchor, where the host site then sends out the episode to major podcast providers such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It’s a process so simple, just about anyone can do it.

The podcast ranges in discussion topics, from Covid protocols to school sports and interviewing alumni. Many notable guests include former student council president Nick Markovina, senior athletes Jake Meier and Ty Stecko, as well as the school athletic trainers, the Snowbergers. A number of episodes consist only of the two co-hosts discussing topics like school board decisions, mask mandates, and the topic of “free speech” within the bounds of the school.

New episodes air every Monday night at 7 PM.

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