Norwin students attend PMEA District Chorus


Ashley Cramer, Editor

Harmonizing, melodies, and tuneful voices all characterize Norwin’s best singers. Six of Norwin’s most talented were selected to participate in a District Chorus event at The Pittsburgh Shriner Center.

“I had to submit a video of me singing a song that the judges picked,” said senior Chase Rigo. “It was pretty nerve wracking to just submit a video and not be able to try and gauge their first reactions.”

District Chorus took place on Feb 10 and 11 and six students were selected to participate. Sophomores Zach Garbinski, Cayla Burchell, juniors Carson Petras, Abrielle Brown, Anna Oestreich, Elizabeth Szymanski, and Senior Chase Rigo were selected from Norwin to sing with students from other PMEA schools in Westmoreland County. 

“I’m really proud of these student for putting the time and effort into practicing and making it so far,” said Chorus teacher Mrs. Faulk.

Leading up to the 10th these six students spent much of their free time practicing and learning the music to hopefully set themselves apart. 

“I prepared by frequently practicing at home as well as weekly rehearsals with other students,” said junior Elizabeth Szymanski. “I was definitely anxious because between theater and other activities I do I was worried I wasn’t able to practice enough but it definitely paid off in the end.”

Districts provided the opportunity for these students to listen to the Heinz Chapel Choir perform shortly before their concert was due to take place on the 11th.

“It was so exciting to be able to listen to such talented singers sing on the same stage that we would be singing on later that day.” Said Szymanski. “I hope one day I can be on the same level as them.”

Many other schools in the Pittsburgh area participated which created a large pool of students to mingle with as well as compete with for a Region Chorus spot. 

“It was really nice to talk to so many different people and make new friends,” said Rigo. “I made some really good friends and while it sucked having to almost compete against them for a spot at Regions it was nice because we all were rooting for each other.”

These six students had to learn many different songs, such as Song from the road, Antiphonal, I love my love, Allen’s hat seine Zeit, If I were a dog, The bridge builder, and Days of beauty.

“Some of these songs were a definite challenge to learn,” said junior Carson Petras. “I feel like they pushed me out of my comfort zone which I believe will make me a better singer.”

Out of the six that participated in Districts Zach Garbinski, Cayla Burchell, Carson Petras, Abrielle Brown, Elizabeth Szymanski, and Chase Rigo were selected to participate in PMEA Regions where they will sing again with some of the best singers in the region.

“It was so exciting to find out I was selected to move on,” said junior Abrielle Brown. “I can’t wait to move on and hopefully be able to sing at states too.”