Zach Moffatt signs to Florida State for intramural basketball

A “Knight LIAR” special edition


Max Christopher

Senior Zach Moffatt signs for Florida State with track coach and personal trainer Brian Fleckenstein.

On Thursday, March 29, senior Zach Moffatt made Norwin Knights history by being the first student to ever sign D1 for intramural basketball. After offers from Gonzaga, Duke, and even WCCC, and many months of deliberation, the current Knight is now set to be a future Seminole on Florida State’s intramural basketball team.

“There was one game where I had like 5 points or something,” Moffatt said. “It was crazy.”

Moffatt, who went 10-4 with the Black Team for the 2021-2022 NBA in-house season, had a season full of trials and tribulations.

“The games were at inconvenient times,” Moffatt said. “A lot of my teammates have jobs and stuff so we were often down a few players.”

Despite all of this, the Black Team still placed first in the NBA championship game.

“I really carried that game,” Moffatt said. “The team simply wouldn’t have won the championship without me.”

Moffatt was injured for the duration of the championship game, and did not play.

The Black Team throw the 1s up after winning the NBA championship. (Norwin Basketball Association)

When prompted about what his practice routine for success looks like, Moffatt had a few choice words to say.

“What are we talking about?” Moffatt responded. “Practice? We’re talking about practice, man! We’re talking about practice! We’re talking about practice… We ain’t talking about the game! We’re talking about practice, man! When you come to the arena, and you see me play… You see me play, don’t you?”

Fellow Norwin senior and teammate Ryan Harrigan spoke on Moffatt’s sportsmanship and ability to work well on a team.

“We tried to avoid giving him the ball at all times,” Harrigan said. “It usually resulted in an immediate turnover. He was good at yelling at the refs though.”

Looking to his college career as an up-and-coming in-house star at Florida State, Moffatt feels he will fall in comfortably with his new team.

“They ain’t ready for me,” Moffatt said. “I’m gonna smoke everyone in the ACC.”

The Florida State intramural team does not, in fact, play in the ACC.

Keep an eye out for Moffatt in the future as he scores his way to the top of the FSU intramural basketball team at the start of the fall 2022 semester.