KNIGHT LIAR: Knight Krier staff goes on strike!


Mackenzie Shrum, Writer

Fire up your paper shredders, the Knight Krier staff is taking a stand. The Knight Krier staff is finally going on strike after being worked tirelessly by Mr. Fleckenstein.

“I’m exhausted. Hours of my time wasted for no money and absolutely no reward,” Oliver Hinson, Co-President of the Knight Krier, stated. “My staff and I are so sick of how we are treated by Mr. Fleck. It’s time to take a stand.”

The club is known for its quick production and coverage of all school wide events, but do we know what goes on behind the ink? The Knight Krier staff claims to have worked far harder than other classes and almost think of the class more of a job than a class.

  “All I’m saying is that we deserve to be paid for all our work,” said Knight Krier secretary Nicole Tougher. “We work, work, work, work, work, just like Beyonce’s song for a grade? You don’t see David Muir working all that time to get a 95%, do you?”

As replacement staff during the strike, Mr. Fleckenstein recruited his track kids to write articles in the meantime and now most of the articles produced are based on the sport exclusively.

“These lies are fake news, literally. I’m not making any compromises or meeting any of their demands,” said Mr. Fleckenstein, teacher for newspaper production. “My staff doesn’t understand that the operation we are running here has worked for 64 years. Everything is completely fine,” he said before kicking his podium and screaming.  

The Knight Krier staff asked for a generous 50 cents for each article produced. Mr. Fleckenstein claims this is an impossible request because Hinson’s payment  for his articles would lead him to bankruptcy. The newspaper staff refuses to produce any more material until their demands are met.

“I’m going to college soon and I’d like some profit for all the work I’m doing,” said Ashley Cramer, Knight Krier Vice-President. “We are not asking for much, just a small price for all our hard work.”

Show some support for the Knight Krier protest outside room 217 in homeroom. Make sure you bring your own newspaper to burn, we must make a stand together. #supporttheknightkrier