KNIGHT LIAR: Norwin says sleeves at prom

A “Knight LIAR” special edition


An example of an outfit that would be deemed acceptable by Norwin for prom.


Every May, Norwin students excitedly get ready for the annual prom, buying dresses and tuxedos, heels and dress shoes. Each student strives to look their best.  

This year, major changes have been made to the prom.  ALL STUDENTS will now be required to follow the dress code at prom.  That means all dresses must have sleeves along with no slits in dresses.  Students WILL be allowed to wear ripped prom dresses as the rule against ripped clothing was taken out of the dress code this year.

Students also will not be able to bring Pop-It’s to prom and will be scanned for any and all fidget toys upon entry.

”I don’t even think I can go anymore,” said Maria Janiga.  “There’s no point in going to prom without a fidget toy.  Literally no point.  What am I supposed to do for the whole time?”

These change comes as a result of the increasing number of dress code offenders during the school day. 

 “I think it’s unfair that just because some people choose to wear spaghetti straps to school I can’t wear them to prom,” said Shephard.  “I wear sleeves every single day to school.  I just want one night for my arms to be free.”

Female Norwin students have been taking a stand against these new rules.  

“I will be organizing a protest outside the administration building on the day prom tickets go on sale,” said senior Ashley Cramer.  “I already bought my fidgets for prom and they aren’t able to be returned.”

Students interested in participating in this protest should contact Ashley Cramer for more information.