KNIGHT LIAR: Norwin changes mascot


Norwin School District decided to make a final change to the Norwin Knights logo; the school board all voted on the change. The original Knight mascot will be replaced with English teacher, Brian Fleckenstein. Fleckenstein has shown courage, determination, and pride. He’s a prime example of what Norwin is all about. 

This change occurred when Mr. Fleckenstein decided to go on strike because he felt as if he was being “pushed to the side.”

When Brian Fleckenstein was asked about the situation he said, “With me being the best teacher in Norwin, it’s only right if I’m rewarded by plastering my face all over everything Norwin related, and what’s so wrong about that?”

The original Knight Head will be replaced with Fleckenstein’s face on April 1, 2022. He quit his job as the cross country coach to become the full time representative of Norwin. To add to his unique style of mascoting, he will have his pet groundhog walk on a leash with him to influence more school spirit.

Along with the simple change in mascot, Fleckenstein has ordered over $10,000,000 in new sport attire. The new attire is mandatory to wear if students want to play on any teams. The new uniforms for teams include a photo of Fleckentines face and a picture of his groundhog. 

“The groundhog has special meaning to me because I grew up in Punxsutawney and they were my friends,” said Fleckenstein. “I used to burrow holes with them and we would hang out.” 

Along with Fleckenstein’s past, he’s decided that it is only right to make a groundhog mandatory in every classroom. 

Fleckenstein holding his best friend Phil, after mandating groundhogs in all classrooms, excluding shop classes for obvious reasons.

“Since they’ve always been so special to me I’ve decided to honor them in the only way I could think of,” said Fleckenstein. “My favorite hog, Phil, will sit with me on my shoulder like a parrot. He’s been trained exceptionally well.” 

Fleckenstein hopes that everyone in Norwin appreciates his contributions and school spirit.