These pups found their FURever home


Svec and her dog Luna posing for their first picture together

Alanna Neidigh, Editor

   Schools out and the dogs are ready to play. When Covid-19 hit the U.S. in March, schools shut down, businesses shut down, life was on pause for a while and has yet to fully resume. But not for many shelter dogs. Since families were home these pups got to find their forever home. 

     Many students in the district adopted animals while they were forced to stay home, one being Class of 2020 graduate, Ashley Svec. 

     Svec adopted a Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix) named Luna from Ohio April, 27 of this year.   

    “It was kind of a spontaneous adoption,” said Svec. “I actually have a presentation I made for my parents as to why we should get a dog.”

     Svec and her brother made this presentation to persuade their parents into adopting Luna…a few weeks later they were on the way to get their furry friend. 

     Svec says Luna is currently doing very well, she enjoys playing with her other puppy cousins. 

     Svec wasn’t the only one to take on the adoption challenge this year. 

     Sophomore Nicole Tougher adopted a lab mixxalot  in early October, his name is Stevie. “We named him Stevie because he is blind in one eye,” said Tougher.

     It seemed like many people were adopting all sorts of pets during the pandemic. Shelters said that they were at an all time low for having dogs!

     Maybe it is a coincidence…maybe it is because we were all home so what better time is there to train a puppy. 

     “Being home more due to the school model has definitely helped in training Stevie,” said Tougher. “It’s nice to be home more with him and get to know him.” 

     Stevie is also doing well right now! He loves to play and meet new people. 

     Senior Carly Coltogirone also adopted a lab mix after 2 years or persuading her parents to try and get a dog. 

     Porter was adopted from Cross Your Paws in March. Coltogirone had been planning to adopt but they were looking for the right dog for the family. 

     Coltogirone agrees that training during the pandemic has been super beneficial. 

     “The easiest part was training him because we were home all the time and were able to help,” said Coltogirone.

     While it was easy to train Porter the fear of him not being a social pup was something that had been lingering in Coltogirone’s mind. 

     “We were afraid that he wouldn’t end up being a social dog because we weren;t able to bring him around the family,” said Coltogiorne. “Fortunately he is very social and very friendly.”

     While I may not have succeeded in my attempts to persuade my family to adopt a dog it is heartwarming to see some many dogs being rescued and adopted from shelters. Even animals need love in these tough times!