Egg hunt is back in the high school!


A Knights of Faith Easter egg hides in the English hallway.

Mia Pierce, Introduction to Journalism Contributor

Egg hunts have been an event that kids have delighted in since the sixteenth century. However, as we grow older, the joy of finding paper eggs has dwindled as we have to focus on more important obligations.

Knights of Faith, led by Prescott Stauffer and Mr. Salany, have developed an occasion where we take a step back in life and can appreciate that of our childhood and spread positive messages through paper Easter eggs hidden throughout the school. 

We initially came up with the idea during a club meeting,” said Prescott Stauffer, club president. “An Easter egg hunt was brought up and we brainstormed ways to simplify the eggs by making them paper with inspirational messages. Usually, candy will bring a smile to someone’s day too!”

“We hope the messages inspire others to be the best versions of themselves by creating a fun activity.

— Prescott Stauffer

On the eggs are positive bible verses, with the information about the club on the back. Upon returning the paper Easter egg to Mr. Salany’s room, 210, you can receive a bag of candy.

“In the future, we hope to see the egg hunt spread positivity among the school and outside of school as well,” said Stauffer. “We hope the messages inspire others to be the best versions of themselves by creating a fun activity.”

The egg hunt is to continue until April 14, so be sure to look around for some colorful Easter eggs around the school and spread some positivity. 

“I would like to add that students do not have to be a certain religion to be involved in activities such as the Easter egg hunt,” Stauffer said. “Anyone can join the Knights of Faith and our main mission is to spread God’s love in subtle, yet impactful ways.”