Homecoming, six feet apart


Yearbook staff

2020 Homecoming Court

Julie Chenot, Writer

 In an email sent on Sep. 4, Norwin School District  cancelled both the 2020 Homecoming Parade and Dance originally scheduled for Sep. 19 due to concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  

      This decision left many questions unanswered as students struggled to decide their plans for 2020 Homecoming week, which was celebrated the week of Sep. 28. 

    This year, Homecoming Spirit Week looked a little different, but was still filled with fun themes for students to participate in.  This year’s themes were Creative Mask Monday, Superhero Tuesday, Bring Your Pet To “School” Day, Fandom Thursday, and NorwinStrong Spirit Day.  

     Students were able to upload their Spirit Week attire onto Facebook using the #NorwinSpiritWeek as well as mentioning the Norwin School District Facebook page, and winners were chosen by the end of each day to receive a $25 Target gift card. 

     This year’s Homecoming Court included freshman attendants Julia Walko and Mary Mahoney; sophomore attendants Jocelyn Boyd and Chloe Lorenc; and junior attendants Victoria Hua and Isabella Penrose.  

      This year’s nominees for Homecoming King and Queen were Jacob Bazala, Jonathan Powell, Nicholas Markovina, Allison Krygowski, Aria Lauritzen, and Carly Kubacka.

      This year’s king and queen, Jacob Bazala and Aria Lauritzen, were crowned Friday Oct. 2 during halftime at the football game, in which the Knights won 28-12. 

     “It was surprising, and felt so surreal.” said Lauritzen about being crowned Homecoming Queen.  “It felt like a dream, I had tears in my eyes.”

     According to student-school board representative Sam Taleff, the parents and court had a small reception outside the Athletic Office before the game. The families and court then proceeded to the stadium for the Homecoming Festivities. 

      One thing that remained almost completely unchanged was the election of the Homecoming Court, which was open to all students in a Google Form sent out to student emails.

“The 2020 Homecoming Court will be elected as normal with the exception of a traditional Royal Reception.  Instead, the court as well as some select guests will be invited to a picnic before the game,” said Patick MacLaughlin, advisor of the Norwin Student Council.    

   In past years the week has brought on many festivities including the dance, parade, assembly, football game, carnival, and the voting of the Homecoming court, almost all sponsored by the Norwin Student Council.  Many students were hopeful that these cancelled activities would eventually be declared back on or rescheduled for a later date.

       “The Pandemic has affected our plans in ways that we do not have the typical two months to plan our festivities as well as to organize our council and leadership” said MacLaughlin, sponsor of the Norwin Student Council.   

  Although there has not been much time or opportunity to plan, some decisions have already been made, like the cancellation of the Pep Assembly.

     “With the guidelines and time constraints placed upon us in this ever changing COVID-19 atmosphere we live in today, there will be no pep rally before the Homecoming game,” said MacLaughlin.

     In years’ past, the Homecoming pep rally included a performance by the Show Choir, a dance performance by the football and cheerleading seniors, motivational speakers, and many more entertaining segments for the Norwin High School students to enjoy.

     Two more aspects of Homecoming week that have been cancelled are the parade and the dance, which as previously stated were cancelled by Dr. Choby in an email on Sep. 4.  

     “Unfortunately, due to the current state mandates, the Homecoming dance and parade previously scheduled for Sept. 19 will be cancelled.  However, additional plans are in the process of being made now that students are back in school in order to celebrate Homecoming” said Choby in his email.  

    Students should not be too quick to mourn the loss of the Homecoming dance, as the Student Council is considering all of its options in eventually rescheduling the dance.

     “Currently the Homecoming Dance is officially cancelled, but the dance may be planned for later in the year if the COVID-19 constraints change. The health and safety of Norwin Students as well as staff is of the utmost importance” said MacLaughlin when asked about the possibility of a reschedule. 

     Although disappointment runs high, many students took  matters into their own hands and threw their own versions of the Homecoming Dance.  Groups of students got dressed up, bought flowers, took pictures, and danced with their dates, all in a socially distant and safe manner.  

     “It was a really fun alternative to the dance,” said sophomore Nicole Miller, who attended one of these ‘at-home’ Homecoming dances.  “It may not be the same but it is at least one small thing to do.”