Norwin student gets accepted to Pratt Institute


Art created by Katarina Garvin

Madison Samber, Writer

Senior Katarina Garvin recently was accepted into Pratt Institute because of their artistic talent. Pratt Institute is located in New York and is known for its prestigious art program. Garvin originally applied to Pratt as one of their reach schools, but ended up getting accepted, and was given a scholarship. 

“I was ecstatic when I got in,” said Garvin. “It also took a weight off my shoulders as it was the first school to respond to me.” 

Garvin is planning to major in 3D animation, a subdivision of BFA in digital arts. They are always planning to do commissions but after college Garvin would like to work as a VFX artist. 

“I’m going to attempt to become a VFX artist for one of the bigger companies,” said Garvin. “I really want to do the CGI and effects in movies.” 

Garvin’s love for art began when they were young. 

“I first got into art in 6th grade, it was nothing serious and I was just recreating other peoples work and doodling,” said Garvin. “I knew in 7th grade that I wanted to take art further than doodling and by 8th grade I knew I wanted a career in art.” 

Garvin explained that when it comes to creating art, there is no strict process to follow. 

“I just find a picture or pictures I want to draw, decide on a medium, and then I draw the outline and shade,” said Garvin. “Depending if it was an assignment for AP drawing or not, I would’ve added more steps and care like thumbnails, planning out medium and size ahead of time, etc.” 

Since Garvin has been interested in art since 6th grade, they have many meaningful memories with art and the people who have helped them. 

“One instance that stuck with me was freshman year in Drawing and Painting II when we did graphite portraits,” said Garvin. “Ms. Satterfield looked at me and demanded I take AP next year. That was the first time I had any confidence that my art was actually okay.” 

Garvin had one other experience that made them confident and want to continue in art. 

“The second was in sophomore year,” said Garvin. “We were just starting our chalk pastel drawing in Drawing and Painting III and I remember Ms. Satterfield looked at me when I asked if I could draw the picture I wanted to and she told me “I would normally say no, but I know your skill level and I know you can do it.” Once again she boosted my confidence with my art and both times have stuck with me for years.”