Wrestling team welcomes new coach

Norwin hires Kyle Martin


Hanna Geissler, Writer

This school year has brought much change to the district, and adding a change to the list is Norwin High School’s new addition to the wrestling coaching staff, Kyle Martin. 

     Martin is from Dunbar, Pennsylvania and wrestled since he was 4-years old. His wrestling career continued through college, spending a brief time wrestling internationally. At age 22, he converted to a full time coach, and has been for the past 12 years. Before his coaching opportunity at Norwin, he was an assistant coach at Penn State Fayette Campus, ranking top 25 in the country in NCWA (National Collegiate Wrestling Association) every year. 

   “I have coached Team USA overseas at the Pan American Championships and at the World Championships,” said Martin. “I am currently still working with the USA developmental coach, clinician, and counselor and am also the Cadet Director for Pennsylvania Wrestling and a national team coach for Pennsylvania. I have been lucky to coach some of the best wrestlers in the state, country, and the world.”

     This upcoming season more than any will be faced with many challenges, and wrestling is no exception to changes due to the coronavirus. 

   “It has thrown a wrench into a sport that embraces contact and collisions,” said Martin. “We wear masks at all times, conduct COVID screenings before every workout, and follow all the policies and procedures that the Norwin School District has put in place to keep our athletes and community as safe as possible.” 

     Coach Martin is looking forward to seeing his athletes develop into leaders and has their goals as his number one priority. 

    “My goals are irrelevant,” said Martin. “It is the goals of our athletes that I am concerned with.”

   “We have a great group of young men and women in the program and my focus is assisting them in any way to become successful in whatever they choose. My mission is to develop Olympians in wrestling and Olympians in life. I have the resources and experiences from being able to coach at the Olympic Training Center to help athletes get to the next level and compete at the highest level of sport, but that is only part of the development of an individual. I want to help EVERY athlete become successful in WHATEVER they choose to do in their life.”

    With Coach Martin’s many years of background in wrestling and his passion for the sport, the Knights are optimistic about the season.  

     “I want to make myself available to any athlete that wants to develop. I encourage any student to give wrestling a try. Wrestling can help with so many aspects of life: hard work, mental toughness, responsibility, and accountability, all important characteristics that future colleges and employers value in students and employees. Also, any athlete in other sports that want a way to develop their sport-specific skills and improve crucial athletic skills like foot speed, endurance, explosive power, sheer strength, flexibility and mobility, health and nutrition, or even self-defense, come take advantage of wrestling and let us help you become a better athlete!  Come give wrestling a try, I promise you will not have to “cut weight!