Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on 2020-21 schooling


Miah Wojdyla, Club Treasurer - Social Media Editor

     According to Norwin School Districts COVID-19 tracker, as of Dec. 18, there are currently 30 active cases in the district, along with 230 students and 30 staff members in quarantine. With numbers rising in the community and Westmoreland county, concerns about the conditions of the school plan have been addressed. All students are currently working in full remote. 


What is the Norwin School Districts plan after December 22nd?

Norwin closed all buildings and moved to full remote learning with the additional to synchronous instruction on Dec 11. The district plans to reopen on Jan 11, as of now. Athletics and activities are postponed until Jan 4. Norwin students log into Zoom at 7:38 am to begin their first class.

What is synchronized learning? NSD Parent Guide for Synchronous  

The district provided a parent guide link to explain all instructions to synchronous leanring. Note that plans are different for hybrid and full remote students. Students are expected to log into Zoom during their normal schedule times. Google Classroom is where students participate in assignments and turn in work. 

Where can I find resources for the school district regarding Covid-19?

Students and parents can find links to resources on the school website and in every email via Dr. Taylor


What do districts surrounding Norwin Covid-19 plans obtain? 

Penn Trafford: The district has made a decision to move to full remote instruction for all students districtwide from Dec 21 through Dec 23. The schools plan to reopen on Jan 4. Synchronization Plan: Each student will follow their schedule and log into LIVE instruction daily via Google Meet. A Google Meet link for class will be posted to the teacher’s Google Classroom.  Teachers will be LIVE and accessible during each class period. Attendance will be taken for each class.  Failure to sign-in will result in class absence. Total Cases: (Dec 18) 24 active cases

Hempfield Area: The district will continue full remote only instruction for all schools through and including Dec 23. All schools will reopen Jan 4. Full Remote Plan: Students are expected to participate in synchronous, or “live” lessons during the regularly scheduled class times to be considered present. Tools such as “Zoom” are how students participate in daily periods. Elementary students are encouraged to do the same. Total Cases: (Dec 18) **Not Available 

Latrobe: The district directors voted to begin a full remote instructional model using GLSD Online beginning Dec 4 through Jan 18. GLSD Online Plan: Students are to utilize the districts online resources during the normal weekly schedule to be marked as present. Students enrolled in the GLSD Online program for the 2020-2021 academic school year will be able to maintain the same class schedule taught by the same GLSD teachers that they would experience in a brick and mortar setting. Total Cases: (Dec 18) 11 active 

Bethel Park: The district has been following the fully synchronous operational model since Nov 1 and plan to return to the hybrid model in addition to synchronous on Jan 8. Synchronous Plan: The district uses “Webex” for synchronous instruction. The tool allows students to join in on live face-to-face calls students are asked to stay  in for the whole class unless they are told otherwise. Their normal weekly schedule correlates to when to attend calls. All schools in the district use Webex for full remote instruction. Total Cases: (Dec 18) 27 active

Fox Chapel : The district returned to in person instruction Dec 8. The school plans on staying open 5 days for elementary and middle school students and remaining hybrid for high school students. Online/Hybrid Plan: All students have used hybrid models since the beginning of the school year. Fox chapel has had many students elect to take classes entirely online almost a third of the school as of now. If students can not come to school, they will participate in a virtual learning model. Total Cases: (Dec 18) 11 active