FCCLA elects new 2022-23 officers


Maria Janiga and Madison Samber

Recently on Wednesday June 1, 2022 FCCLA (Family Community Career Leaders of America) held an end of the year party and inducted the new officers for next year. After school the 6 new officers–Kira Walkosak, Kali Walkosak, Olivia Ivory, Allison Arendas, Emily Arendas, and Alexis Klamut–were handed over the ropes of the club from seniors Ashley Cramer and Ashley Cumpston. 

Cramer and Cumpston delivered their final speeches as president and vice-president. Both of them gave advice and tips to the new officers on how to run the club and how to make it successful. There was also a small ceremony that officially inducted the officers. 

The new group of officers consists of Co-President Kira Walkosak and Olivia Ivory; Vice-President Kali Walkosak.

“As sad as I am to be leaving, I am so excited for FCCLA’s new officers,” said former president Cramer. “I can’t wait to see what they do next.” 

Cramer’s position as President is being taken over by Kira Walkosak who is excited for the future of the club and already has plans.

“I saw how amazing the rest of the people who participated in the club were and how incredible the opportunities would bring to my friends and I,” said Walkosak. “One of my main goals after becoming president is definitely to focus on the continuation of being leaders in our community. Our previous President Ashley Cramer included our club across our community in several organizations and I hope to continue this image throughout our community and provide the best members we can to our area.”