New school police officer hired at Norwin

Mia Pierce, Writer

Security has been an increasing issue in schools today.  Norwin School District recently hired Officer Mat Lisovich, who will be acting as school police officer for grades Kindergarten through Sixth grade. We reached out to Officer Lisovich to ask him a few questions and introduce him to the Norwin students, district, and community.

What is your background experience that you have to offer for Norwin?

34 Years as a sworn Police Officer. Over 15 years as a Lieutenant. Several years as a Juvenile Officer and a NASRO certified School Resource Officer. Extensive training and experience in School related and Public related Critical Incident Response to active shooters and high risk events. I also have extensive training and experience in domestic violence and bullying. I also spent numerous years on the PA Attorney General’s Drug Task Force.

What role do you have at the different schools and is there a specific location you will be working?

My office is located in Hillcrest Intermediate School. My complete role is still unfolding but primarily the safety and protection of our students, staff and visitors are the top priority. As I am also assigned to be the primary officer at all of our elementary buildings, I hope to become a mentor to our students and help guide them in a positive direction. I will also be on duty at home football games, School Board meetings and other events as needed.

What do you hope to do here at Norwin?

Create a safe environment for our students to thrive in. I hope to have the opportunity to mentor and show our students that Police Officers are truly here to help them and are very approachable. I also hope that our students will come to know that I’m not just here in a Law Enforcement capacity but also as a bridge to assist them in many aspects of their daily routines and with issues that may not seem Police related.

We know that your children are in this district, so what do you like about Norwin School District?

I, along with my wife, love everything about Norwin. The Teachers, Councilors, Administrators, Coaches and All the Staff. The buildings and grounds are not just beautiful but modern and safe. The District takes a proactive approach to not only our children’s education but also their safety and security. We moved her because of the Norwin School District. Four of our children are already Norwin graduates, our fifth is a senior and our grandchildren are starting the educational careers here.