KWIN’s back


Andrew Brown (11) and Grace Paulovich (10) are the new KWIN anchors for the 2022-23 school year.

Madison Samber and Mia Pierce

Every morning at Norwin High School, teachers turn on KWIN for the students to watch. KWIN is the school’s news broadcast run by a cast and crew of students and Mrs. Scheirer. 

This year’s production of KWIN has changed from previous years. The entire cast and crew of the show is new. The cast consists of: anchors, Andrew Brown and Grace Paulovich; and sports reporter, Zack Garbinski; and crew members, Grace Meyers, Kyle Nguyen, and Kiera Bolton. 

KWIN was recently given a new budget to upgrade the show. “We will be updating our cameras, teleprompter software and computer systems,” said Scheirer. 

“Although the new equipment hasn’t arrived yet, I’m really excited for the new computers so I can better edit the KWIN intro and credit clips,” said KWIN crew member Grace Meyers (11). “There’s a new price of tech that will allow us to film at a different location and still broadcast it live from this school, just like a real news station!” 

Many of the students in KWIN are interested in a career with tech or news broadcasting, so this show helps students experience newscast and journalistic production skills that could help them in their future jobs. 

“I do wish to take some experience with me to my future job and college,” said KWIN member Kyle Nguyen (10). “I aim to apply for a college in show or music production.” 

“Broadcast journalism is a career interest in my future,” said KWIN anchor Grace Paulovich (10). “I have wanted to be a broadcast journalist since I was nine years old, and it is what I want to go to college for in the future. KWIN greatly helps me prepare for this career path, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn so much about this field during my high school years.

Other students participate in KWIN because they just enjoy being on the show. 

“I like KWIN because it’s a nice class to have in the morning,” said sports anchor Zack Garbinski (11). “Having some of my friends in the class and just having fun makes me enjoy the class.” 

When filming KWIN, the students are always prepared to be on air. 

“Before I go on air, the team and I prepare the teleprompter slides by typing up the new announcements for the day,” said Paulovich. “I don’t get nervous before going on camera. I have wonderful KWIN classmates who are always supportive and encouraging. My classmates and teachers always make me feel calm before going live.” 

KWIN is a class that offers experience with news broadcasting and tech and the cast and crew supports each other. 

“My favorite part of KWIN is when the broadcast comes to an end and the whole crew celebrates, knowing that our hard work for the morning paid off,” said Gracie Paulovich.