COVID shoots and scores


Megan Barry, Sports Editor

      Rules and regulations change everyday each time there is a new meeting. But as of Dec. 10 the Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League (WPIAL) and the PIAA, in conjunction with new state rules regarding the virus, paused ALL winter sports until at least Jan. 4. 

    With spikes in school districts, not only Norwin, winter sports seasons are looking a bit unpredictable. COVID-19 has been hitting extremely close to home lately. Restaurants, stores, and even rumors of the state shutting down again. But COVID-19 has not shut down high school sports, only altered the rules and regulations for each sport. 

     Some of the new rules added have been quite a shock to not only the public but to the students playing the sport. The most shocking rule that the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) has enforced is all players and coaches must wear a mask at all times.

     “At all times” is the most shocking part of that rule. But what is even more odd, is that the statement “at all times” does not apply to all winter sports. Both boys and girls basketball are the only two winter sports who are required to wear a mask at all times. 

     Senior Carly Ellingsen is looking at the new COVID rules in a positive way, to benefit the girls basketball team.

     “Personally I am just grateful that we get to play, regardless if we have to wear a mask,” said Ellingsen. “Although it does make it difficult to breathe, I am just glad we get to play!”

    Currently, each sport has been put on pause. Coaches and players are not allowed to hold or participate in any form of a practice or game until at least Jan. 4. Although the seasons have been put on pause, senior wrestler John Altieri has hope for the season.

     “I think it’s very easy during a time like this to fall behind and lose motivation,” said Altieri. “But as a team I think we are really motivated and are going to use this time to make big jumps compared to our opponents.”

     Before the new COVID rules and regulations became public, it was difficult for many teams to have practice that is considered successful. 

     “It’s not the best news that the season has been pushed back,” said Altieri. “But I believe that the team will stay motivated and worry about the things we can control.”

     Although it has been quite a difficult start to the season, the girls basketball team plans to use the rough start as motivation to succeed this season.

     “I think the COVID rules and regulations will be motivation for the team,” said Ellingsen. “We never know when our last practice or game is going to be, so we are always going to have to push ourselves like it’s going to be our last.”