Student directed productions

The girls in Dancing Through the Decades dress in 1940s fashion

The girls in “Dancing Through the Decades” dress in 1940’s fashion

Jordan Spagnolli, Club President - News Editor

It’s opening night. The lights are bright and the auditorium is packed full of people. The music starts. The show begins and the adrenaline is rushing. Sadly the Norwin Theatre Company students don’t get to experience that rush this year. 

     A lot of things are different this year because of the Coronavirus, including how the Norwin Theatre Company is planning to do their fall production. 

     Usually in the fall the Theatre Company will put on a musical, but because of the circumstances this world has been faced with, they decided to bring back student directed productions. 

     The students have been given creative freedom this fall as they are responsible for writing, casting, producing, directing, and filming their shows. This year there will be a total of 9 shows produced by the students which will debut virtually Nov. 20 at 7:00 pm. 

     “I would much rather them be shared in person at a drivin-in type situation,” said Kevin Turcovsky. “ Although if they have to be shared virtually, I think that’s fine so long as it’s heavily advertised and pulled off well.”

          There is a large variety of productions this fall from shows about the evolution of dance to shows about the board game Clue.

     “Dancing through the decades is a compilation of the way dancing has changed beginning in the 1920’s,” said Sarah Hartner, President of the Norwin Theatre Company. “For each decade we are using music, dance moves, and style of that particular decade!” 

     “My show is about the game Clue,” said Stephanie Cairns, secretary of the Norwin Theatre Company. “ All of the characters also embody the 7 deadly sins. It is a murder mystery, drama, and romance.”

    A lot of the theatre students have had a positive experience this fall with creating their own production. 

   “My favorite part of the student directed fall show is that they allow us to spend time with each other and safely put on a show since we can’t do a regular fall show at this time,” said Abrielle Brown. 

     “I love the independence of creating something from scratch,” said Chase Rigo. “It’s also nice getting to have a creative outlet that is shown through other people.”

     The theatre company officers have been involved as well by coming up with covid friendly ideas. 

     “The officers have been trying to plan many events,” said Cairns. “We want everyone to still have fun and make upcoming years as great as they can be!”