Mourning the loss of Takeoff, Another artist gone too soon


Takeoff performs in Atlanta

Joe Fitzgerald

The hip hop and music community as a whole is once again devastated, as it has lost another beloved artist. Takeoff, a member of the notorious rap group, “Migos,” was fatally shot and killed on Nov. 1 in Houston. At 28-years old he had already built quite the resume. His distinct voice and talented lyricism played an important role in helping  Migos become arguably the most influential  hip hop trio of all time. He was also successful on his own solo ventures, with his first solo album, “The Last Rocket”,being certified platinum. His death is a shock to the music community as he had such a large fan base.

“What happened was a tragedy. It’s depressing to see how common crimes like this are becoming,” said senior student Mike Mihalov.  

Takeoff’s death unfortunately isn’t an uncommon theme, with many young talented musicians dying to gun violence it’s something that’s becoming way too familiar. Just this year artists JayDaYoungin and PNBRock were both killed and the year before artists Drakeo the Ruler and Young Dolph were also killed. The list goes on of  talented young artists who were just getting started and tragically got their lives taken from them. When is it going to stop?

Despite the tragedy, Takeoff’s legacy should be celebrated because of the enormous impact he made on the whole music community.