Snoball? No ball…


Catherine Certo

2020 Snoball Court

Julie Chenot, Writer


     Every December, Norwin students look forward to attending the annual Snoball dance.  In a typical year, the dance consists of a dinner and dance, and a crowning of a court.  But in an atypical year such as this one, the 2020 Snoball dance was cancelled due to COVID-19.  

     One aspect of the Snoball dance that remained this year was the crowning of a king and queen.  The 2020 Snoball queen are Nick Markovina and Carly Kubacka, and were announced via eBlast by Dr. Choby.  The rest of the court consisted of Maria DiToppa, Kara Riskus, Quinn Kubistek, and Jacob Bazala.  

     “I am so excited to be a part of the Snoball court,” said Markovina.  “These are the things in high school that you never forget.”  

     Members of the Snoball court gathered outside Norwin High School in the snow for a photoshoot with Catherine Certo on Dec. 16.  Members of the court looked at this opportunity as a small sense of normalcy in what has proven to be a very abnormal senior year.  

     “Being nominated for snoball court is so nice,” said Kara Riskus.  “It felt like I was in a senior year movie, and life was normal for a few seconds.”

SnoBall Queen Carly Kubacka (Catherine Certo)
2020 SnoBalll King Nick Markovina (Catherine Certo)