Christmas decorations in November

One of the most hotly debated topics is: When is the right to decorate for Christmas?

With consistent 60 and 70 degree days, it really doesn’t feel like November. Granted, the leaves are on the ground and the morning air is crisp with fall, but this autumn doesn’t feel normal. 


Despite this, the holiday season is fast approaching and the long lived debate on when the correct time to decorate for Christmas and start listening to Christmas songs is upon us. Talking to my fellow students, this is a very hot topic. Whether established during their childhood Christmas traditions, or rather recently as holiday celebrations have expanded to include chosen family and school friends, Norwin High School students are very passionate about when the Christmas season should start. 

The three main days that I hear about the most, when it comes to decorating for Christmas, are Nov. 1, the day after Thanksgiving, and Dec. 1. 

Undoubtedly, the people who decorate Nov. 1 are the most passionate people about the holiday season. A controversial time, these individuals skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight to the winter holiday. A notable fan of a Nov. 1 start day is the Christmas music queen herself, Mariah Carey. Every year, without fail, my feed on multiple social media platforms is haunted by some video that showcases a midnight transition from Halloween to Christmas. Not even a second dedicated to the season of giving, Thanksgiving. 

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Personally, I feel like putting up the Christmas tree on Nov. 1 is a bit too early. I am a huge fan of Thanksgiving. It was always my favorite holiday growing up, as pumpkin pie and turkey was one of the best combinations I could think of. Now that I am older I still enjoy the holiday. I am also very passionate about fall decorations. Of course decorating for Halloween is fun, and provides entertainment for kids leading up to Oct. 31. However, I thoroughly believe that November is the perfect time to replace Halloween decorations with fall ones. Pumpkins, fallen leaves, hay bales, turkeys, and corn stalks — I love it all. 

Like most American teenagers, however, I love Christmas and the winter holidays. The cold, dry air and a blanket of snow is the perfect environment for spending time with loved ones. With this in mind, I feel like Dec. 1 is a bit too late. Granted, there would be an entire month to enjoy the decorations, but I personally adore already being in the holiday spirit when the month starts. In my mind, December is a month of giving and enjoying time with people who care about me. Best case scenario, I would like to start this as soon as possible once the last month of the year begins. 

As can probably be surmised, the perfect time to decorate for Christmas is immediately after Thanksgiving. Not only is there time to have exclusively fall decorations up during the majority of November, but then the decorations are already up for the start of December. Another benefit is that Thanksgiving weekend is a big family event. Parents who normally wouldn’t be available can take off of work and spend much needed time with their children. With the kids home from school, everyone can help with putting up the tree, wreaths, stockings, lights, and any other Christmas decorations. The weather is chilly, the house is cozy, and the family can get together to prepare for the upcoming holiday. It is the perfect time. 

This opinion may be controversial, but luckily for me, I don’t care. When you decorate for the holidays, if you decorate at all, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we spend this chilly holiday season taking care of one another and celebrating the good things in all of our lives.