County Choir takes on the WCMEA


Gracie Paulovich

County Choir students at the WCMEA

Hannah Schultz, Intro to Journalism Contributor

Select Choir students headed to Belle Vernon High School on Nov. 17 and 18 to perform in the Westmoreland County choir event hosted by the Westmoreland County Music Educators Association (WCMEA).

The select choirs involved in WCMEA are Bel Canto, Chambers, and Show Choir. Bel Canto is a women’s treble choir, while Chambers and Show Choir includes both male and female students. In addition, Show Choir features elements of performance. Any students in these clubs are welcome to submit an application to attend the event.

”County Choir is an enrichment opportunity for students in Westmoreland County,” said chorus teacher Lauren Scheirer.

At the two day event, Norwin students got the opportunity to sing with chorus students from other schools in Westmoreland County. The choir sang nine songs, including songs such as, “The Boy Who Picked Up His Feet To Fly“ and “Joy In The Morning.“

“WCMEA has always been an excellent experience for students and families,” said Scheirer. “It is great to be a part of music making at the County level.”

My favorite part is watching my students share their talent with other students from across the County.”

— Music teacher and County Choir Advisor, Lauren Scheirer

The students spent a lot of time practicing and preparing for the event. They practiced for two school days as a group before WCMEA.

“There typically aren’t struggles preparing for this event,” Scheirer said, “but this year, many students throughout the HS missed school due to cold and flu season, so I would say other than that, it was a joy to prepare.” 

The students in the event enjoyed being able to spread their talent with students they typically do not perform with.

“It was an amazing experience,” said chorus member Gracie Paulovich (10). “I loved singing with people from all over the County while getting to make new friends.”