Girls Powderpuff

Melani Schmidt, Intro to Journalism Contributor

Dozens of high school girls gather in the stadium the night before Thanksgiving every year for the big football game. The game is not the high school football team, but the annual Powder Puff football game. Norwin High School girls play the game on Wednesday Nov. 23 at Norwin High School Stadium, and this year they raised $5700, along with boxes full of toys for the charity organization, Pittsburgh Tykes. 

There are two flag football games played. The first game is freshman vs sophomores and in the second game juniors play the seniors. In the first game, the Sophomore Team beat the Freshmen Tea, with a score of 38-21 and the Senior Team defeated the Junior Team.

The school chose not to sponsor Powderpuff this year; therefore senior Hannah Shaw took matters into her own hands. Hannah Shaw took on the responsibility herself and has set up the games planning to raise money for Pittsburgh Tykes.

Powderpuff football is an opportunity for girls in grades 9-12 to get together, practice, and play in a game of flag football. This year, just like in the past, the freshmen played the sophomores and juniors played the seniors.”

— Hannah Shaw

The original goal was for the school to sponsor powderpuff this year, for it to be completely student run was not the plan,” Shaw explained. “Upon talking with the necessary people I found that the school was no longer interested in having this event. I was told I was able to do it, as long as the school was not directly involved. I did what I could to make it happen since I knew how many of my former classmates missed it and were wanting to play, myself included. I hope powderpuff continues to be a tradition at Norwin, but it will only happen if another student takes on the same responsibility as I had. It was a lot of work that I am sure many people wouldn’t understand or be able to take on. Anyone who is truly passionate about the game should make the effort to continue powderpuff as everyone truly enjoys the experience.”

In the first game, sophomore Lexi Heller threw 5 passes and completed 3, she passed for 113 yards and scored 2 touchdowns. Two of the catches  from sophomore Kendall Berger with 2 touchdowns and 1 from Karlee Weaver with 1 touchdown. Miya Valecko with 4 attempts and 154 yards. Bella Furno with 1 attempt 16 yards. Mel Schmidt with 1 attempt 14 yards. Izzy Deering and Brandi Brozeski both had 1 attempt.

“We were very worried about injuries occurring, luckily nothing serious did occur during either of the games,” said Shaw. “There was a stated form which was to be signed by parents or guardians relieving any liability for injury from the school and volunteers. However we made sure we played as safe as possible because of course we don’t want anyone getting hurt in general, especially in an event that is supposed to be fun and for charity.”