Sno much fun!

Norwin students celebrated the holiday season at the annual Snoball dance.

When all of the conversations in the hallways default to dates, tables, and dresses, it’s a well known fact that Snoball is on the horizon. Norwin High School’s annual Snoball dance took place Saturday, Dec. 17 at Stratigos Banquet Center. 

The dance, which is sponsored and planned by the National Honors Society (NHS), takes place every year to celebrate the holiday season and the end of the first semester. A formal dance, Norwin students in grades 10 and up dress their absolute best to dance the night away with their friends and dates. 

In preparation for the event, NHS advisor Mr. Paul Amic and the officers arranged everything from the venue to the advertisements seen floating around the school. 

“The NHS officers have been prepping for the past two months for the Snoball dance,” NHS president Abrielle Brown (12) said. “We’ve done everything from helping decide the menu, organizing ticket sales online, creating flyers and even making fun videos to advertise the event. It takes a village to plan a dance, and we worked very well with Mr. Amic to make everything possible.”

This year’s Snoball dance was about the same as last year, besides one small aspect of the ticketing process. 

My favorite part about planning the dance is actually getting to see it all in action on the night of the event. Seeing people having a fun time at the dance and posting all of their fun pictures from the night makes you feel very proud about all of the hard work you put in.

— NHS President Abrielle Brown

“The preparations were pretty much the same except for the new Hometown ticketing process,” said Mr. Amic. 

The NHS wasn’t the only school club dedicated to making Snoball a night to remember. The Norwin Student Council hosted the Unified Snoball Reception at the Norwin High  School before the dance. The reception, which included food and refreshments, gave Norwin Works! students time to celebrate with their friends prior to the dance. They ate, snapped some pictures, and even rode in a limo to the dance. 

At the dance students were greeted by the smiling faces of teacher chaperones. After sitting down, they were able to choose from a buffet of different foods including chicken, pasta, potatoes, assorted vegetables, and so much more. Once students were done eating, the Snoball court was welcomed onto the dance floor for the crowning ceremony. Seniors Toby Samek and Molly Campbell were named Snoball King and Queen, and they were cheered on by all of their fellow classmates. Only when plenty of photos were taken of the 2022 Snoball King and Queen, everyone was welcomed onto the floor and danced the night away. 

While Snoball was a fun and exciting night for all, it was especially enjoyable for the newly crowned King and Queen. 

(Top) Toby Samek, Nick Urda, Carson Petras, and Andrew Gentile (Bottom) Brooke Gabris, Molly Campbell, Chloe Lorenc, and Jocelyn Boyd (Norwin Yearbook)

“I was really happy that I won,” Samek said. “I was smiling and looking around the room at everyone and thought it was awesome. It was a great honor to be the Snoball king for my senior year.”

Queen Molly Campbell had a similar experience during her crowning ceremony.

“It felt so great and was a huge blessing!” Campbell said. “I was so proud to be honored at a wonderful event! I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and for making this a very special night!”

It is safe to say that SNOW-body could stop smiling about Snoball.