Does music affect your mood?

Music to my ears. Just about everyone in the world listens to some sort of music.  A common question is does music affect your mood?  Surprisingly, studies show that in some ways music can help with depression.

Music can affect your mood to happy, sad, angry, hyped, etc.  How does it affect you?

A recent Norwin High School poll shows that 88 percent of students agree that music affects your mood.

Depending on what mood you are in, you can listen to music to make you feel that way. For example if you are motivated you can listen to upbeat music to keep you up and motivated.

“You have probably chosen music yourself to evoke a particular reaction in your brain, just like when gym-goers put on a motivational playlist full of energy to get them through a workout, ” according to the UK music licensing company PPL PRS. 

As a result of this you can listen to music for whatever mood you’re in. This research proves that music can improve your mood, but is that true for Norwin students?

Norwin students were asked what positive effects does music have on you.

75 percent  of Norwin students said that music can change their mood in a positive way.

“Let It Go, as stupid as it sounds I always get in a better mood when I listen to it,” said one Norwin student.

For the students of Norwin, the majority agree that music can change your mood in a positive way.  Furthermore the students were asked how does music specifically change your mood.

Firework – Katy Perry because it hypes me up for my chess match

— Joe Berger

In the case of Berger, his go to song is to get hyped for his chess matches.  This goes to show that music can indeed change your mood and get into the zone to whatever you are doing.

In a recent Norwin High School poll, 73 percent  of the students said that they listen to music to reduce anxiety. This shows that most young teens are using music as a way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Everyone always has one song that people go to when they are happy, sad, mad, etc. to get them through whatever it is they are going through.

Whether it’s to hype you up or it’s to reduce your anxiety, music affects your mood.

“Yes, music has helped me through a lot in my life,” said a Norwin student  in the poll. “Music helps me calm my anxiety, and it makes me forget the rest of the world along with the things that go on every minute of every day. It’s an escape. Even if it is only for 3 minutes to get one song. Overall music puts me in a good mood, so I look forward to it everyday.” 

Music can sway you to any mood or feeling you’re in. With over 7 billion people listening to music, it’s safe to say that music is a big part of your everyday life