Fifth graders compete in Lemonade War for a cause


Miah Wojdyla, Social Media Editor

Local 5th Graders Go To ‘Lemonade War’ To Raise Money For A Good Cause

     Lemonade for sale! Norwin fifth graders have begun their annual Lemonade War. The fifth graders read the novel The Lemonade War written by Jacqueline Davies. The book inspired Ms. Hudson, a 5th grade teacher at Hillcrest Intermediate, to make the unit fun and interactive. She uses the unit as a way to raise money for Andrew’s Avengers.

  In the book, a brother and sister compete to see who can raise the most money selling lemonade.  At Hillcrest, the students who choose to participate in the fundraiser are split into two groups:boys vs girls.

   All money raised is donated in memory of Andrew O’neill to support families and their battle with childhood cancer.

   “This was an idea I had just 9 years ago- a what if we had a lemonade war-and it turned into an amazing experience and tradition,” said Hudson.

  Last year was the first year that every 5th grader participated. Over a 2 week period they were able to raise $23,000. 

  Students were told to use selling strategies learned in the book along with their own creative ideas to raise money for their team.

   Along with lemonade, many students participate in cookie and bake sales, cut grass, raked leaves, created and sold water bottles, scrunchies, bracelets and many other fundraising activities. 

   No restrictions have been put in place for COVID-19, so it is really up to what the student and parent feel comfortable doing to fundraise. 

    Mr. Swenson, a 5th grade English teacher at Hillcrest, is teaching the unit to his online academy students so they are able to participate as well. The fundraiser ends on November 6. 

   This year is obviously going to be very different from any others due to the pandemic, but childhood cancer and the students ability to raise money stops for nothing. 

   “Covid will just create opportunities for students to get creative,” said Hudson. “Together we can do so much and they are not too young to change the world.”