Most girls notice what makes them stressed in the morning; even if it’s one of the smallest things like putting a certain jewelry on for an outfit or doing their hair or what class makes them stressed or a certain hairstyle or just waking up in general for school.

Stress and high school life go hand-in-hand. Norwin students experience this stress daily.

“School just feels very overwhelming especially when you’re so worried about your mental health,” said Leah (9).

Often times, school makes girls stressed because of the people and their comments on things and how they judge them on how they look. This is part of their morning routine getting along with the makeup and the hair and outfits. That’s why it takes so much time to get ready because girls are worried about what other girls think.

“School should start around 9 and end around 2:30 so that it makes it fair,” said Keyra (9).

Girls talking about what makes them stress in school routines to school/and at home or just in general and talking about what why it makes them stress and maybe some ways they can fix it. They also talked about the time changing so that we don’t have to wake up early most girls said school should start at around 9:00 am and end around 2:00 pm, so that they have time to get their morning routine in line.

“Schools just is just so stressful in general and life,” said Keyona (9). 

According to Fairgaze.com, “They [high school girls] understand the expectations, competition, and limitations. High school girls worry much and thus they are under more pressure than boys. They are more impacted by society’s values and the pressure of their peers. They get influenced by high academic standards, future, and approval and belonging.” 

“School feels like one of the most stressful places to be because of the teacher and their assignments and the students with their judgmental looks and what they say,” said Keyona Webb, in an interview about stress.

In a recent Norwin Intro to Journalism poll, many girls said Government class made them stressed because the tests are hard and that they aren’t good with politics, and another was history class because they aren’t good with remembering the names and everything like that dates. Other girls said math because they aren’t good with some problems all the time and homework.

In the Norwin poll on stress, 72 percent of students say that makeup makes them stress in the morning and the other percent. How stressed are you for school:





In the recent poll created, most girls basically said the same things that made them stressed out which was very understanding because I am a girl too and understand some of the things I want to learn more about their makeup struggles because I don’t wear makeup. I only wear eyelashes and lip gloss so I am not very understanding with the makeup situations in the morning for school routine. 

According to Henry Schwan in the article “Stress Impacts Girls in Middle School During the Coronavirus Pandemic,”  “Teen girls are constantly having to prove their ability to others by doing well on assignments and tests. This causes stress and pressure to always score high. 61% of girls… report stress due to school issues.”

​It is important that we try our best during school and study well. However, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. If someone were to score low on a test or assignment, we should not judge them but rather be supportive. Grades should not determine how smart someone is.



What causes some of the stress seen in women? There are many causes of stress. Men and women share many of the same sources of stress, such as money matters, job security, health, and relationship issues,School Peoples thoughts and feelings on them.

These are some results and information about girls and what makes them stressed in school in their routines and why it makes them stress out and how they can work on it.