Senior Jack Chaney awarded the J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship

Madison Samber, Treasurer

This year, the J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship was awarded to senior Jack Chaney. The Air Force awarded Chaney the scholarship for his academic performance, participation in extracurriculars, and his leadership as a cadet in the Norwin’s JROTC program. 

The J100 Scholarship is a full-ride scholarship to any university Chaney chooses. Chaney already has his plans in order for college and what he plans to do after. 

“I want to major in computer engineering, with minors in German and aerospace engineering,” said Chaney. “The scholarship requires that I complete a minimum of four years of military service upon graduation as an Air Force Officer. I would like to commission as a pilot or engineer, both of which may have a longer service requirement of up to 10 years.” 

Chaney has been in JROTC throughout his high school career. 

“I saw the opportunities available for community service and the sense of organization and unity that JROTC offered, and for those reasons, I scheduled the class,” said Chaney. “It was only later on that I decided I wished to pursue a military career.” 

Chaney is not the first person in his family to pursue a military career. He comes from a family where almost every male has served in a branch of the military. However, Chaney is the first in his family to pursue a commission as an officer. 

Since Chaney has been in JROTC all throughout high school, and had a great amount of success, he has advice for other students who are JROTC cadets, or anyone interested in scholarship opportunities or a military career.

“Aim high,” said Chaney. “I never expected that I would be capable of achieving this much, but by building a strong work ethic and finding a good support system, I was able to make my dream of becoming an Air Force Officer a possibility.”