Plopping into the Polar Plunge

Norwin High School students take on “Cool Schools”

Aylee Hornstrom, Social Media Manager


On February 24, Norwin Peer Mentor and Buddy Club members attended the Pittsburgh annual “Cool Schools Polar Plunge.”

This is an event that spreads awareness of inclusion of functional need kids and adults by plunging into the freezing water with peers. It is also a huge fundraising effort that benefits the Special Olympics and the athletes. Schools throughout the Pittsburgh area also had the option in participating in the virtual Polar Plop if they were not able to attend in person. The Polar Plop is where participants pop a cold water balloon over their heads, friends or family members as well. Pictures can be found of the Polar Plop with looking for the hashtag on social media #PGHPolarPlunge.

The Peer Mentor and Buddy Club had around 32 members who attended this event. The Polar Plunge consisted of many different activities. This year participants were able to go inside the Acrisure Stadium and take pictures by the Steelers football field. There were also games and activities that included, Bocce, a dance party, a Kona Ice truck and a hot chocolate stand.

Around 10:30 am, Norwin students plunged into the frigid pool of water. Groups jumped in together to support a good cause all while having fun with their peers.

“My favorite thing about the Polar Plunge is getting to enjoy the day with all of my friends, play games, and jump into the cold water!” Adi Federovich (10) exclaimed. “I think we should participate in the Polar plunge because not only is it a lot of fun and we get to make memories, but we also get to be apart of a great fundraiser for Special Olympics.”

The students who jumped in with their peers each had a smile as soon as they came out of the frigid water even as they were freezing cold.

The Special Olympics Cool Schools Polar Plunge raised $243.7 thousand out of their goal of $200,000. Norwin High School raised $1,269 out of their $500 goal. Nick Patter (10) raised the most out of the 32 Norwin students, raising $206.

“The biggest benefit for students participating in the Polar Plunge is seeing how much money can be raised for Special Olympics just by agreeing to jump into cold water on a very cold day,” Patter said.  “Participating in the Polar plunge is very fun. The plunge is in the parking lot of Acrisure Stadium. We played yard games and got to see inside the stadium. All while raising money for Special Olympics.”

Participating in the Polar plunge is very fun. The plunge is in the parking lot of Acrisure Stadium. We played yard games and got to see inside the stadium. All while raising money for Special Olympics

— Nick Patter

After the Norwin students plunged, it was time for lunch and more activities. A lunch was provided by the Special Olympics, but you could also bring your own lunch if preferred. When lunch came to a close it was time for a dance party. Special Olympics athletes and their peers came together for a dance party with songs of their choice. There was lots of dancing, laughing and smiles being shared throughout this fun experience.

As the day came to a close, all athletes received a Polar Plunge shirt as a token of their dedication to a good cause. The Norwin students athletes gathered for a picture at the end under the Polar Plunge sign.  Each and every athlete and student went home with a smile on their face as they got to experience a fun filled day with all their friends. The Polar Plunge is such an eye opening experience for everyone whether you plunge or not, it gives a sense of happiness to everyone that participates.