New beginnings

Senior Editorial


Aylee Hornstrom, Social Media Manager

In my life I have moved a lot, more than I can count. I was always going to new schools, making new friends, and creating new beginnings. As I move forward in my life each year, I have learned new things in life. I have learned how to adjust to my surroundings, and, most importantly, I have learned that I found my true self.


My biggest journey of change was the middle of my junior year, this is when I found out I had to move once again to a whole new school.

This was probably the most difficult move of them all because the school that I recently came from I stayed there for about four years. In those four years I made tons of friends and learned a lot of things. I thought this was the place where I would settle with my true self, but I was wrong.

As I moved down to Norwin High School in the middle of my junior year it was very difficult I will admit that but, it wasn’t something I have done before. I knew I could accomplish this difficult barrier in the road. I truly had to express myself now; I had to get my own self out there to make friends because this time it wouldn’t come easily. Everyone had already had their set friend circles since first grade, so it was slightly hard for me to ease my way in, but with all my experiences and social skills from moving previous times it wasn’t long before I was warmly welcomed by my new friends at my new school. This time it was different at this new and final school–this is where I would graduate, this is where I was ending my elementary through high school career.

Finding my true self was my biggest accomplish of attending Norwin High School. In my last year and a half of being here I had joined the Peer Mentor and Buddy Club and later on became an officer. I had started to get involved with helping out with special education. Unified sports was my favorite thing to be involved in at Norwin, I participated in Unified Bocce and Track. When I got involved in these programs I felt myself lean towards what I wanted to do after high school and that is Occupational Therapy. So, I worked hard to get into a school with a great program for Occupational Therapy where I can get my Masters in OT. I chose Saint Francis University which was such a big accomplishment for me. As my Senior year starts to come to a close I realized how much I’ve grown to be my own person.

Norwin wasn’t the end of my new beginnings though, I will have to move again. I will have to move for college, I will have to experience the same things again as I experienced it throughout my whole life.

In college it will be much more different. It will be a permanent place for me until I come and visit home. I will be making so many new friends, bonds and again I will be finding another version of my true self. College is not where it all stops, however, after college I’m going to have to keep moving on forward. I’ll move forward with finding a real world job, moving into my first apartment, moving into my first house and moving into my real life.

What I can say is that I’m thankful for my new beginnings almost each and every year of my life. Moving has structured me into a new person who is still growing. So moving on, I will keep moving on.