KNIGHT LIAR: Norwin introduces a moat to the school’s landscaping

A “Knight LIAR” special edition


An artist’s rendering of what the front of the school will look like once the moat is complete.

Hear ye, hear ye! Norwin welcomes medieval additions to the school campus.

Norwin Student Council announces that they will be sponsoring a moat and drawbridge to be built around the high school.

In reinforcing its #forthecastle roots, the student council (STUCO) hopes to bring much needed change to the school layout and atmosphere.

STUCO president Grace Ketler recognized this addition as a step in the right direction, “The aesthetic committee, a division of the student council, has been working really hard over the past few months to make improvements to the school. We have been working to get murals and quotes in the hallways. The moat and drawbridge is taking the next step. It’ll emphasize the fact that Norwin High School is our castle!”

The moat and drawbridge will be completed in 2025, as a lot of work and planning still needs to be done. To help save water, for instance, the pool restoration has been canceled. The moat, affectionately known as the gutter by those who created it, will take the place of the pool and be home to all swimming classes and swim team activities.

The STUCO is quite proud of their innovative idea, as it will most definitely help Norwin stand out from other schools.

“Here at Norwin we enjoy being unique,” social media coordinator Maggie MacLaughlin said. “There are no schools that have a moat. So why not?”

The moat will not only be an appealing part of the school, but an added security feature as well.

“I think students will feel much safer once the moat is built,” Maleah Phetsomphou (11) said. “Who would dare to harm students when surrounded by a twenty foot wide body of water?”

The one downside of the moat, however, is that students will never be able to come to school late or have early dismissals ever again. Due to the strenuous nature of lowering and pulling up the drawbridge, it will only occur twice a day. The bridge will be pulled up at 7:20 and lowered again at 2:15.

“Unfortunately, the design of the drawbridge prevents students from being late or leaving early,” recording secretary Randi Booth said. “However, the new addition will promote attendance and punctuality.”

Students are overwhelmingly supportive of the change.

“I am very sad that I will graduate before the moat is finished,” Maddie Samber (10) said. “I am going to come back to see it once it is completed. It will be very exciting.”

One anonymous student is so passionate about the construction and security of the moat that they have started a petition in support of getting alligators in the moat.

Moat alligators
One passionate student created a petition in hopes of getting alligators in the new moat.

“I think that it is amazing that other students are just as passionate about this project as the student council is,” corresponding secretary Alexis Speranzo said.

The school is buzzing with students talking about this major change. Although few current high school students will be around to see the moat and drawbridge in use, it is an exciting time nonetheless.