STUCO Egg Hunt

As a child in America, it is common to see the holidays as a way of receiving loads of candy and to indulge in. On Halloween, children eagerly meander around neighborhoods, screaming “trick or treat“ to be rewarded with sugar-loaded candy. At Christmas, children fall asleep with the knowledge that Santa will bring boxes and boxes of gifts they’ll probably find lame in two weeks. In the spring leading up to Easter Sunday, children run around, hunting for eggs filled with small candies and other treats.

On April 2 the annual Student Council Egg Hunt event occurred at the Norwin Knights Stadium in the early afternoon. The day was filled with various fun events, ranging from a petting zoo to children racing across the stadium turf gathering eggs.

An event that started out as the brainchild of 2020 graduate Isaac Anticole, this was only the second occurrence of the Norwin Student Council Egg Hunt. Hosting 400 local kids and their families, the event was a massive success.

With such a large event, countless hours were put into its creation and planning. Preparation for the Egg Hunt included purchasing plastic eggs, candy, and gift bags for the kids. 

“The Egg Hunt is considered one of the Student Council’s big four events due to the major planning required to pull it off,” communications director Maggie MacLaughlin said. “Similarly to Candy Cane Castle, the Egg Hunt features costume characters and games as well as many other fun activities. The Egg Hunt takes months of preparation and hard work, which is why it is considered one of Student Council’s ‘big 4’ events.”

With over 8000 eggs to pack, the entire student council spent dozens of study halls and plenty of hours after school putting candy in the eggs. On the day of, these eggs would be gone in less than 5 minutes. 

While the egg hunt itself didn’t last very long, there were many other things to entertain the kids and their parents while they waited for the search to begin. There was a petting zoo with all kinds of farm animals, games and jump ropes, an Earth Day station, and even costume characters such as Daniel Tiger and Spiderman.

Student Council member Carley DiPaolo high five’s a Norwin child at the annual Egg Hunt at the stadium.

“Seeing the kids enjoy hanging out with the costume characters and playing games with their family was just as enjoyable as seeing them pick up the eggs,” treasurer Elizabeth Long said. “Having a wide variety of activities to entertain the kids is always important as the anticipation before the actual Egg Hunt can be difficult for some kids to handle.”

All of the entertainment, beside the egg hunt itself, was centered around the athletic office entrance and adjoining parking lot. 

With all of the eggs spread across the field, and the spring-themed decorations scattered throughout the stadium, the event reflected the fun and exciting nature of the arrival of spring. Seeing how much the kids enjoyed the Egg Hunt this year, the Student Council is already thinking up ways of making the event even better next year. 

“We hope to expand the egg hunt event every year, as well as all of our other events,” president Grace Ketler said. “We expanded this year by adding the petting zoo and earth day station. I hope to expand next year by adding more games and activities, similar to candy cane castle.”