German Club kicks off

German Club participated in a FIFA video game tournament.

Evan Caskey, Intro to Journalism contributor

In honor of the current World Cup, on Nov. 16, Norwin High School’s German Club participated in a FIFA video game tournament hosted in Herr Street’s classroom (133). There was a full bracket of 16 teams of two – 32 players. Some people just came to hang out, watch the games, and have pizza.

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Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the governing body that facilitates and oversees the World Cup. FIFA also has a video game named after it. In the game, players can compete as their favorite soccer players from around the world. The tournament was a great way for German Club members to both honor and enjoy the World Cup.

“Soccer is one of the absolute fundamental ways that countries compete and connect with their own culture,” said club adviser, David Street.

One of the main goals with the German language course is not only to provide the education of writing and speaking German, but also to understand the culture behind it. In German Club this opportunity is given to us through club events such as the recent FIFA tournament.

Although I had not participated in the bulk of the tournament, I still had fun talking to friends and meeting new people.

— Nathaniel Cramer (11)


Many members of the German Club we’re excited to participate in the FIFA tournament.

The event provided many with a fun activity to both enjoy and learn something new along the way.

“Everyone seemed to have a good time – my hope is that they’ll learn a bit of the game and the German players,” said Street. “The teams absolutely reflect the nations they come from in their styles of play and the players who make up the teams. My hope is always that students find something that resonates – be it food, or music, or film, or sport.”

Since the success of the FIFA tournament and the previous trip to Hofbräuhaus, club advisor David Street has proposed ideas for future events and field trips.

“German Club will definitely go to Penn Brewery’s restaurant for dinner before the year is out. I’d love to have a movie night, and if I get good feedback, the Christmas Market in Pittsburgh is built on the German Model. I’m also open to suggestions from students to whatever interests them,” said Street.