Name: Maleah Phetsomphou

Title: “Be the Good”

Date: Jan. 2023

Inspiration: I experience disrespect and mistreatment purely because I am a woman in power. As soon as I picked up leadership positions and became a more notable figure in high school, some of my “friends” and peers decided to treat me with a certain disrespect. I questioned myself, “Am I being cocky? What has changed?” Nothing had changed except my authority. 

In life, people will anger and upset us. Sometimes words are disrespectful and wrong, said purely because of jealousy. Regardless of where their negative energy is coming from, you should not let it hold you captive. If you have a goal, strive to achieve it. Prove people wrong. Respond to hate with compassion rather than exuberating that negative energy in return.



True inner strength is trashing the “I cant’s” and “you cant’s”,

To utilize disrespect as fuel for confidence,

To never forget your purpose and worth.


We are diverse, yet experiencing the same tumultuous whirlwind of emotions. 

We scavenge for the key, as if relieving our burdens ends with the turn of a lock.

We all pray for silence, while blasting the booming cacophony of contention and discord.

We wither away, day by day, yet we spend our time fussing over lowly disputes.


It is difficult to love and respect.

It is easy to hate and despise.

Turn the other cheek.

Trust in the Lord. 


Grip firmly to that iron rod.


Give your all, propelling beyond the confines of evil that wait to feed on you.

Gluttonous are those who aim to dehumanize, demoralize, and disrespect- they crave for companionship in their sea of misery.

Glorious is the sound of harmony.


The incantation “you belong, you are wanted, you are worthy” rings throughout a utopia,

A world where we choose to love rather than hate,

To uplift over tearing-down.

This- can- be- reality.


We can change the Earth, change our culture for the better.

Through this, we will find a gift so precious.

A present designed

Just for us!

This, my friends, is our piece in the puzzle.


Stand firm to your soul, your identity. 

Joy beyond measure will arrive.

Our path has long been paved-

God is waiting for us to take the driver’s seat.

We can steer towards success.


And when we arrive at our destination, we are humbled,

Thankful for the people who shaped us. 

As Matthew 5:44 so wisely says, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you.”


We can do good, be the good. 

And when we have done this,

We can say, “I found my piece.”