I listened to Midnights so you don’t have to

For nearly two years, ‘Swifties’ suffered without an album release from pop sensation Taylor Swift. However, at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, Swift announced that her tenth album Midnights would be released on Oct. 21, 2022. Eagerly waiting for 54 days, fans rushed to stream the album at midnight of the 21st, breaking streaming and sales records. As of Nov. 2, 2022, Swift’s album holds ALL 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, and 13 through 15 as well!

As a devout ‘Swiftie’ myself, I’ve decided to break down and rate every song in order on Midnights.

1. Lavender Haze

“Lavender Haze” begins with a singular beat, making listeners die of anticipation, waiting for Swift to begin singing twenty seconds into the song. “Lavender Haze” is about Swift’s desire for everyone to stay out of her romantic life. She addresses common rumors by singing, “All they keep asking me is if I’m gonna be your bride.” She entitled this song “Lavender Haze” as it alludes to a term from the 1950s that means to be in love.

Rating: “Lavender Haze” doesn’t feel too new or different from Swift’s usual discography. It has a nice message though. 8/10

2. Maroon

Being nostalgic provides feelings of comfort, but sometimes, thinking about the past reminds of us bad memories too. In “Maroon” Swift romanticizes a past relationship while acknowledging the pain she feels from it. “Maroon” is a slower song, purely dedicated to past love.

Rating: “Maroon” doesn’t sound too original. In addition, singing about love from the past isn’t different from Swift’s usual song topics. 7/10

3. Anti-hero

Taylor Swift (YouTube)

Swift dedicates this song to feeling the outcomes of insecurities. She feels like she isn’t human and can’t connect with others or improve society. Swift isolates herself from society, declaring “I’m the problem, it’s me”.

Rating: If you ever find yourself hating the aspects of your personality– listen to this song. It’s uncontrollably relatable for those who blame themselves for things they can’t control. “Anti-hero” has a pop feel about it, and it is one of the most well-written songs Swift has released. 9/10

4. Snow On The Beach ft. Lana Del Rey

“Snow On The Beach” touches on the initial feelings of falling in love. More specifically, Swift highlights the magical feeling of finding someone attractive the first time you see them. This song has a whimsical feel about it, bringing lightheartedness to the album.

Rating: As someone with little relationship experience, I can finally relate to one of Swift’s romantic songs. I know the pleasure and rush of adrenaline felt when first meeting or seeing someone you’re attracted to. On the contrary, where in the world is Lana Del Rey?! Del Rey doesn’t sing a single line by herself. Instead, she contributes to background vocals. Del Rey is such an accomplished solo artist, it’s truly upsetting she doesn’t get her fair share of the song. 7/10

5. You’re On Your Own, Kid

This song is definitely a throwback to Swift’s era of singing about teen love. In fact, “You’re On Your Own, Kid” sounds like it belongs in Fearless. This song is dedicated to teenagers trying to figure out love. Swift guides listeners in a narrative of a small-town girl trying to figure her life out. She crushes on a hometown boy while facing the desire to leave where she grew up. Swift says, “I didn’t choose this town, I dream of getting out.”

Rating: As someone who has lived in a mild, suburban town for the majority of my life– I can relate to this. I’ve had my fair share of crushes at school throughout the years, and I yearn for the chance to leave North Huntingdon. Although the message is wonderful, I’m not in love with the sound of “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” 5/10

6. Midnight Rain

“Midnight Rain” comments on the struggles of staying independent rather than living in the comfort of a relationship. Swift sings “he wanted a bride” and contrasts it with “I was making my own name.” Although the message of the song is unique, “Might Rain” sounds oddly similar to Reputation, Swift’s 2019 album.

Rating: “Midnight Rain” relates to the suffering felt after ending a relationship. As someone who’s scared that commitment will end feelings of being independent, thank you, Taylor. 9/10

7. Question. . . ?

As expected in the title, this song is full of question asking. Swift asks various questions to her ‘crush’ regarding his opinion on certain events that happened in the past.

Rating: “Question. . .?” was very predictable in what Swift would be singing out. I didn’t find it to sound too original either. 5/10

8. Vigilante Sh*t

Want to fantasize about revenge? Listen to this song!

Rating: I like the push for independence and the idea of dressing for yourself that Swift alludes to in the lines “I don’t dress for women/I don’t dress for men” followed with “lately I’ve been dressing for revenge.” 9/10

9. Bejeweled

“Bejeweled” can be interpreted as a ‘single-girl’ anthem. This song promotes feeling good about yourself after ending a relationship and finally to put yourself back out into the world.

Rating: “Bejeweled” is honestly a bop. Regardless of your relationship status, the chances of you dancing to this song at some point in your life are high. 7/10.

10. Labyrinth

Falling in love can be shocking and come out of nowhere. Heartbreak stinks too. Swift alludes to both of these feelings in “Labyrinth.”

Rating: Sometimes we are convinced that we’ll never get over our past loves. However, another love interest will one day come along. Thanks for the optimism, Taylor. 6/10

11. Karma

In “Karma,” Swift affirms her strong relationship with karma by claiming it’s her “boyfriend” and “the breeze in her hair on the weekend”. She acknowledges that karma exists. That’s why she chooses to “keep her side of the street clean.”

Rating: It’s not healthy to wish bad things on anyone; but, it’s difficult to not hope harm on those who have hurt you. Give “Karma” a listen. It will teach you that having a ‘hands-off’ approach when you feel like getting revenge on someone is the best thing to do. 10/10

12. Sweet Nothing

“Sweet Nothing” exaggerates the simplicity felt when falling in love. In this song, Swift feels helplessly in love, “runnin’ home” to her special someone. She values the little things such as being “in the kitchen humin'”.

Rating: While listening to Midnights for the first time straight through, I wanted to fall asleep. Yes, I understand that “Sweet Nothing” isn’t meant to be complex. However, it’s just too simple for me. 4/10

13. Mastermind

Midnights ends on a positive tone with “Mastermind”. In this song, Swift admits to over-analyzing her decisions when first meeting a love interest. She sees trying to attract someone as a game; hence, this is her reason for titling the song, “Mastermind.”

Rating: As someone who spends too much time thinking about my relationship with others, I enjoy the thought of being seen as a mastermind. I also have the tendency to see romantic love as a game. 10/10