Norwin Theatre Company puts on a trio of plays


Madison Samber and Maria Janiga

On October 13-16, the Norwin Theatre Company will be performing the three shows, 21 Chump Street, Puffs, and The Play That Goes Wrong. The three plays are directed and produced by Lauren Scheirer, Todd Leighty, Erin Shrader, Kyley Klass Tusay, and Jacob Westwood. 

Although the 3 plays have different background stories, they all have a truly funny, amusing story to tell. 

“If they don’t laugh out loud, I’d be shocked! These plays are truly hilarious!” when asked about what the audience should know about the productions, director Lauren Scheirer said.

Putting on 3 shows at once is new to Norwin, in previous years the NTC would put on a fall musical and a spring musical. Doing three plays has been a more difficult task this year as opposed to the previous years, simply due to lighting, costumes, props, etc. 

Bret Vilage (12), Julia Shavel (12), and Rebekah Whittaker (12) holding up their wands, as they practice the play, Puffs.

“What the audience doesn’t know is the chaos that happens behind the scenes,” stage crew member, Alexa Phillips said. “From the clothing thrown around to the people moving all about trying to get from one place to another to the set pieces that tend to break or are too big and are in the way of moving freely. But the good side is the organized spaces, as we like to call it organized chaos because we know where everything is and we know how to move about the tight spaces.”

“It’s definitely been an interesting experience,” narrator for the play Puffs Natalie Bowman (12) said. “Putting on three different plays was something new that most of the theater company had never experienced before but enjoyed nonetheless. The production process can be a little nerve wracking at times but the finished product is always worth the chaos and nerves in the end.“

Changing over from a fall musical to 3 different plays has been stressful, but it makes this year’s performance unique. The 3 plays allow everyone to have a part, and play a role that they’re proud to act as. 

“It has been an amazing experience putting on these plays,” Grace Paulovich (10) said. “Although it has been stressful at times, the cast and crew always pull through and work together to make our show the best it can be. Our amazing directing team always helps us along the way by pushing us to make our shows magical.”

We’ve put in a lot of hard work so far and we can’t wait for the audiences to see our performances!

— President of Norwin Theatre Company, Abrielle Brown

For many acting and performing takes them into a new world, they are able to capture every detail about the character in order to perfect them.  

“Once you walk out onto that stage, it’s like you’re a whole different person,” Bret Vilage (12) said. “It’s a really cool experience, and you can forget about homework assignments, bad days, and that big test tomorrow. They don’t exist in that world!” 

In addition to the actors, the stage crew is a major part of any production put on by the Norwin Theatre Company. 

There’s many different jobs than just moving things backstage like everyone assumes,” stage crew member, MaClafferty said. “The student crew is in charge of all the lighting, sound balancing, sound effects, visual cues, spot lights, and stage management. On top of that we get to build every set piece and prop used in the shows, all of this builds many unique skills as well as allows you to build on your existing strengths to be part of something really cool.” 

[Back row] A. Sweitzer, Abigail Szymanski, Casey Rose Colcombe [Front row] Alex Fumero, and Zackery Garbinski.
Stage crew is responsible for everything that goes on behind the scenes. The crew has to work as a team to get everything done in time for the plays.

“People should join stage crew because they can join in a family atmosphere and they can make magic for amazing performances and they can help out with anything else that goes on in the school,” said Phillips. 

This play is unique compared to productions put on in years past and everyone is encouraged to go to watch and support the Norwin Theatre Company. Come watch the performance on Thursday Oct. 13-15 at Norwin High School and Sunday Oct. 16 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students/ seniors. Buy tickets here: