Unified Bocce starts off another season

Aylee Hornstrom, Writer, social media manager


On December 1, Norwins’ Unified Bocce team kicked off their first practice in order to get ready for their upcoming Unified Bocce season.


Norwin Unified Bocce athletes participate in practices and games through December-Mid February. The team had their first tournament against Gateway at Norwin High School on December 20th but unfortunately lost. This did not stop the team from putting all their effort and hard work in.

This year the new coaches are, Coach Kristen Sweeney and Tiffany Haraburda. Both coaches stated their positive opinions about being role models to their athletes. This year was both of the coaches first time coaching the Unified Bocce team.

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I really enjoyed helping out with Special Olympics last year and wanted to be more involved this year, when we were in need of a new coach, I happily volunteered!

— Kristin Sweeney

“I really enjoyed helping out with Special Olympics last year and wanted to be more involved this year,” Coach Sweeney stated. “When we were in need of a new coach, I happily volunteered!”

The coaches are always involved with their athletes making sure they all try their best and have fun.

“I enjoy the laughs, the students having fun with each other, and everyone working as a team with great sportsmanship,” Coach Haraburda stated. “My favorite moment so far this year was when we lost our first game, however that truly didn’t matter to our team. What made this moment special is that they congratulated each of the other team members and cheered for the other team when they had a good move. Our team has true sportsmanship and truly everyone cares for each other.”

The athletes on the team are always motivating each other, there is never a time where the team does not encourage each other to keep up their great team work.

The seniors on the team are making the best out of their season despite their losses. On January 10, the team had their annual Senior Knight and home game against Plum. The seniors on this year’s bocce team are:  Zaria Moffatt, Aylee Hornstrom, Arianna Burnette and Quinn Kopas.

“One thing that inspired me to join bocce was the positive environment created by my teammates and coaches,” Zaria Moffatt said. “After attending the first practice, I knew I had to be a part of the team!”

The Norwin Unified Bocce team had went against Ligonier Valley with an overall score of 3-34,  Norwin against Gateway with an overall score of 12-23 and Norwin against Plum 11-27. Their overall record is 0-3. That does not mean their season is over yet. The team has one final game in February and are preparing to make a comeback. The game is Wednesday Feb. 8 at Plum High School, with a chance to advance to the state Regional competitions.